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All that is left is the memories

I love Christmas. I love the colours and flavours, I love the joy of family celebrating together. In all the festivities, I think the dog, Sidney, enjoyed herself the most. She opened her gift with all the gusto of a three-year old.

Thanks Santa, just what I asked for.. a squirrel that can't climb a tree.

With Sydney occupied, the rest of us enjoyed making a mess

Sarah, are you sure that is cranberry juice you are drinking?

Sarah helping

ewwww, do I have to eat this?

Wearing the Christmas hat is not an option...

Emily and Matthew, Emily... no Ipod at the table!!

Is your hat too big Jacob?

Jacob with his electronics

More presents please...

I am so sad, Christmas is over..... I had a lot of fun, so much food, so many people to play with and now, it is over, everyone is gone.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

I didn’t have any ideas for the weekly Photo Challenge this week. Waiting? It was a brisk but sunny day and I decided to take my camera for a walk along the lake. The “waiting” challenge would have to wait. I stopped to take a photo and realized the old boathouse was waiting for repair. The railing was ready to fall and one of the supports had rotted through and now dangled dangerously above the water.

I came across a swing, It looked so forlorn, gently swaying in the silence as it waited for the children to come.

The swing looked so lonely, I knew it had to be black and white.

I continued my walk . Just around the ben I found a couple of ducks. They were looking for food, waiting patiently for a fish to swim by.

I passed a tree. There was just one leaf left, waiting to fall.
I am truly amazed at how there is so much waiting in this place. The flag hung limp from the flagpole. Waiting is what flags do best. They hang around day after day waiting for the wind, a slight breeze and it will happily flutter.

Around the corner I found another sad sight. A lovely red boat lay at the shore, waiting for someone to rescue it, someone to care enough to bail out the water and pull him onto the shore, safe from the winter ice that will soon grip it and tear it apart.

I sighed and carried on with my walk. Passing by a mailbox, I realized it too waited. Every day wondering if the mailman would come and place a bill or, better yet, a letter inside. Letters are scarce these days. Who takes the time to write? Email and phone calls are so much easier.
A squirrel was busy gathering nuts for the soon coming winter. He saw me and froze, waiting for me to leave so he could get back to work.
I took a hint and headed for home. There is so much waiting, I couldn’t wait to get home to upload my photos and write this post. Thankyou for coming on my walk. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I am very fortunate, I belong to a fairly large family. I have three children and seven grandchildren. Today four of the grandchildren visited and we played and they had fun posing for some photos. I love having them visit, family is so important and as a Granny, I think it is vital that I keep a close connection. Children need to know they are loved, they are important and they are valued. Each one needs attention. Each one needs to have a place to share thier thoughts.

These children have so much fun together

They never fight...

Jacob, Sarah, Emily, Matthew

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

When I first saw this challenge, I thought my breakfast is too boring, who cares that I have cereal every morning. Sure, I add blueberries, for their antioxidants, but really, who cares.

I sat down to breakfast, and opened my Bible and it struck me that “man does not live by bread (or cereal) alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” We have spiritual needs as well as physical ones. Our spirit needs a daily breakfast to keep it healthy. The vitamins and minerals we need from God are the words we read from the Bible. They keep us spiritually healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Raindrops for Macro Monday

The other day we had a little bit of snow in the morning, it soon cleared and the snow melted leaving drops on some bushes in my front yard. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos with the Macro lens. More practice.

What do you think of black and white?

mini mirror

colour play

A Tale of Wondering

A Tale of Wonder for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

As soon as we started the hiking trail, we saw the warning; “BEWARE! entering active karst terrain, stay on the trail.” What is a Karst? I wonder if it is an animal? Dangerous, like a grizzly bear. I am starting to get scared. I asked John if he had the bear spray with him, I did not want to meet a karst unprepared. The trail  led us to a huge hole partly filled with water.


A sign reported the karst caused this hole. I am in shock! They must be huge! Are they some sort of Bigfoot? Maybe it is a monster like in the Loch Ness? I grabbed Johns arm for protection. We walked  gently around the hole looking for the karst. I peered over the edge. Was it living in the depths? There were some big holes along the trail.  Karst footprints I presume. This monster must be enormous.

 I tried to stay on the trail and got my leg stuck in one very deep hole. John had to pull me out. I shook off the dirt, I think I am OK.

Were these holes made by the karst‘s heavy foot? I started to worry.  We were now deep in the woods. We had not seen another soul, we were alone. I spotted a lookout tower on the hill.


What a relief. That will be a safe place to get a good  view and spot the beast. Once we got to the base of the tower, we noticed the bottom section of ladder is missing. I had to stretch high to grab the lowest rung.


As I grabbed the window at the top, my foot slipped and I tumbled down amid the broken glass..

(I lay crumpled on the ground and all John could do was take my picture.)

Too scared to be hurt, I ran all the way back to the car,  anxious to get away, positive the karst had grabbed my leg and caused my fall. We drove further into Wood Buffalo National Park, we wanted to know more about the karst. Another trail took us to some Salt Plains. The trees along the path were dead, covered in lichen and very spooky.

Creepy. was this an omen?

We silently followed the narrow trail.  I kept looking back, sure we were being followed. Before too long ,the woods opened up to a shocking sight.  I stared in wonder and amazement. I could not believe my eyes!

This was weird, very weird

Rocks lay scattered all over the plains, as if discarded. That’s when I found out about the diet of the mysterious karst. They eat the rocks! The flat plains were strewn with the remains of their meals. Granite rocks showed the marks where the karst had chewed pieces and spit them out.

The karst has been eating this rock, look at the large tooth marks.

Other rocks were crushed and all that remained were a few crumbs.

We wandered through the plains filled with wonder.
Rocks lie amid the salt, how did this happen?
A Karst footprint?

Was this real? Have we stumbled upon another world? Even the plants
were different. Rubbery, they had the feel of an artificial plant.


I had to have a rest, worn out from all my wondering.

The place was crawling in insects of all sorts. The black flies were the most annoying,  getting under our glasses and biting. It was time to get out of this strange and mysterious place. No wonder it is a Unesco World Heritage site. It is like no other place I have ever seen. I am  happy to leave, it is too spooky and scary for me. I wonder why they call this place “Wood Buffalo National Park” and where are all the buffalo? We did not see even one. Have they all been eaten by the karst? I wonder.

Just trying out some stuff

I have a new Nikon Macro lens and have been taking random photos all over the house.
I need feedback. I need pointers and tips. feel free to tell me what could be done better.
I value your expert advice.

Here I am playing with the bubbles and my new lens. I tried to keep it out of the water. I love the rainbow colours.


Macro Monday

I recently purchased a Nikon Macro lens and I am having fun with it. I need to learn the best ways of using it. Any tips and suggestions would be appreciated. I am not offended by constructive criticism.

Macro Photography makes me look for details

Sidney gazing longingly into the back yard, looking for those intruding squirrels. The beauty of the eye is amazing. .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Travelling on a back road in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, we came across an abandoned home. I am always sad looking around a home that seems to be left to die slowly. Windows broken, cobwebs and spiders, mice and other critters now call this place home. What happened to the owner? Why did they leave this home, with furniture, books, and personal items still inside?

Somewhere on a back road in Saskatchewan, we came across an abandoned house and decided to have a look around.

It was a very small place, looking in one window, I could see right through to another window and see the prairies and blue sky.

The colours of the house may have been blue at one time, now a lot of yellow shows (is it mould?)

I ventured inside. The glass broken, the window offered a great view of the Saskatchewan golden field and wonderful blue sky.

through another window, I could see the sheds in the field.

An old truck lay abandoned in the yard.

Architecture in Ottawa

Last week we had the privilege of taking our grandson to Ottawa to check out two universities there. He is thinking of Political Science, so we had to take a visit to the Parliament Buildings. I have been before, but this trip I noticed the beauty of the architecture in a new way. We took the elevator to the top of the Peace Tower, then sat in on a debate in the House of Commons. ( my camera was taken from me while we were in the House. ) A very interesting experience.

Some protesters on the walkway leading to the Central Block.

The Lion stands guard on one side of the archway representing England I believe.

A unicorn stands guard on the other side of the entrance. I understand it represents the French and Scotland. Why its tongue is sticking out I have no clue Why a unicorn at all baffles me. There are gargoyles in a lot of places too.

looking up at the archway, there are the shields for each province and corn, birds, and a multitude of other food and animals depicting the abundance of Canada.

inside there are stained glass windows and beautiful scrollwork on the ceilings. It is so beautiful

Looking down into the main entrance hall

We went up the Peace tower past the bells and to the lookout. A view from all sides. This is looking past the Library across the Ottawa River to Hull, Quebec.

For anyone from the USA, the building in the foreground is the US Embassy

Looking north and up the river.

From the top of the Peace Tower, the clock was right above our heads.

The centennial flame, added in 1967 for our 100th year, the shield of each province is set in the fountain, with the flame burning just above the water.

It seems like the water is on fire.