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Three, Two, One, Blast into Spring

Spring blasted into my world today, spun around and left summer in its wake. Last weekend there was ice on the lake here in southern Ontario. Today the temperature reached 26 C.  (26 ºC = 78.8 ºF for anyone in the USA )

Early spring crocuses are in bloom. I am not sure how this crazy weather will affect my garden this year. I will take it day by day.

I took a few photos with a macro lens today to celebrate whatever season this is.



One... Blast into spring.

Remembering summer flowers amd unidentified bugs

It is still winter. We are expecting a wind storm tonight, with lots of rain. I hope it washes away the snow, but I would rather the sun do that. I wanted to post a few flowers to put me in the mood for better days, for the warm sunny summer days. I long for my garden to come to life. I want to get outside, to sit on the deck with the warmth of the sun kissing my face. I hope these few photos will touch your heart or warm you up in some way.

The busy bee, caught on a cosmos flower

I took this photo in Alaska of an unknown red bug on an Unidentified flower. Can anyone help me identify what either the bug or the flower is?

There were clumps of these silken seeds along the Dempster Highway in the North West Territories. They glistened in the sun.

Macro Monday

I recently purchased a Nikon Macro lens and I am having fun with it. I need to learn the best ways of using it. Any tips and suggestions would be appreciated. I am not offended by constructive criticism.

Macro Photography makes me look for details

Sidney gazing longingly into the back yard, looking for those intruding squirrels. The beauty of the eye is amazing. .