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All that is left is the memories

I love Christmas. I love the colours and flavours, I love the joy of family celebrating together. In all the festivities, I think the dog, Sidney, enjoyed herself the most. She opened her gift with all the gusto of a three-year old.

Thanks Santa, just what I asked for.. a squirrel that can't climb a tree.

With Sydney occupied, the rest of us enjoyed making a mess

Sarah, are you sure that is cranberry juice you are drinking?

Sarah helping

ewwww, do I have to eat this?

Wearing the Christmas hat is not an option...

Emily and Matthew, Emily... no Ipod at the table!!

Is your hat too big Jacob?

Jacob with his electronics

More presents please...

I am so sad, Christmas is over..... I had a lot of fun, so much food, so many people to play with and now, it is over, everyone is gone.