Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I am very fortunate, I belong to a fairly large family. I have three children and seven grandchildren. Today four of the grandchildren visited and we played and they had fun posing for some photos. I love having them visit, family is so important and as a Granny, I think it is vital that I keep a close connection. Children need to know they are loved, they are important and they are valued. Each one needs attention. Each one needs to have a place to share thier thoughts.

These children have so much fun together

They never fight...

Jacob, Sarah, Emily, Matthew

21 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

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  2. What fun they are having – you are all very fortunate, indeed 🙂

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  4. Love all the photos but the first and last are just smile producers. Just can’t look at them without a smile. Candid and fun! You have some sweet Grandkids!

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  7. Such cute grandkids! Great entry!

  8. Beautiful faces ,great family 🙂

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  11. Northern Narratives

    Nice collection of photos.

  12. Love those grandkids…so typical!

  13. Great and fun photos! Have a great day!

  14. Great smiles…thanks for sharing.

  15. Great captures for the theme for sure Maggie! Margie

  16. I love this! They look so happy! At our family gatherings all the kids play and never fight either. It’s such a blessing to watch their love. Beautiful family you have!

  17. Lots of smiles and happiness in your family – thanks for sharing.

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  19. thank you for sharing these smiles 🙂

  20. Great photos. Looks like everyone enjoyed the day!

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