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Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

I didn’t have any ideas for the weekly Photo Challenge this week. Waiting? It was a brisk but sunny day and I decided to take my camera for a walk along the lake. The “waiting” challenge would have to wait. I stopped to take a photo and realized the old boathouse was waiting for repair. The railing was ready to fall and one of the supports had rotted through and now dangled dangerously above the water.

I came across a swing, It looked so forlorn, gently swaying in the silence as it waited for the children to come.

The swing looked so lonely, I knew it had to be black and white.

I continued my walk . Just around the ben I found a couple of ducks. They were looking for food, waiting patiently for a fish to swim by.

I passed a tree. There was just one leaf left, waiting to fall.
I am truly amazed at how there is so much waiting in this place. The flag hung limp from the flagpole. Waiting is what flags do best. They hang around day after day waiting for the wind, a slight breeze and it will happily flutter.

Around the corner I found another sad sight. A lovely red boat lay at the shore, waiting for someone to rescue it, someone to care enough to bail out the water and pull him onto the shore, safe from the winter ice that will soon grip it and tear it apart.

I sighed and carried on with my walk. Passing by a mailbox, I realized it too waited. Every day wondering if the mailman would come and place a bill or, better yet, a letter inside. Letters are scarce these days. Who takes the time to write? Email and phone calls are so much easier.
A squirrel was busy gathering nuts for the soon coming winter. He saw me and froze, waiting for me to leave so he could get back to work.
I took a hint and headed for home. There is so much waiting, I couldn’t wait to get home to upload my photos and write this post. Thankyou for coming on my walk. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.