Just trying out some stuff

I have a new Nikon Macro lens and have been taking random photos all over the house.
I need feedback. I need pointers and tips. feel free to tell me what could be done better.
I value your expert advice.

Here I am playing with the bubbles and my new lens. I tried to keep it out of the water. I love the rainbow colours.


10 responses to “Just trying out some stuff

  1. I like them all. You now have me playing with the macro and super macro on my camera. It’s infectious!

  2. have fun with the macro lens Maggie! FUN is the key word in any kind of photography!
    if you head over to digital-photography-school.com, you’ll get loads of expert advice on macro and other aspects of photography as well..

  3. Beautiful pictures! I want a macro lens too! 🙂

  4. love the candle shot and the silhouette of the lilies are great too.

  5. I’m doing a photography course at the moment and a few people have done the bubble thing but I really like your candle and the lilies are spectacular. I agree with Marilyn it would be gorgeous framed – very modern and now.

  6. Love the splash of water the best and also the candle flame. Both are very Zen. 😀

  7. love the black flowers…I would have to frame that one…

  8. Looks like you’re doing pretty good on the practice. I just got a new Olympus digital and will be doing the same thing you’re doing soon.

  9. I like the “practicing” and flowers a lot. You’re making me want a macro lens for Christmas! Have fun!

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