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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Travelling on a back road in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, we came across an abandoned home. I am always sad looking around a home that seems to be left to die slowly. Windows broken, cobwebs and spiders, mice and other critters now call this place home. What happened to the owner? Why did they leave this home, with furniture, books, and personal items still inside?

Somewhere on a back road in Saskatchewan, we came across an abandoned house and decided to have a look around.

It was a very small place, looking in one window, I could see right through to another window and see the prairies and blue sky.

The colours of the house may have been blue at one time, now a lot of yellow shows (is it mould?)

I ventured inside. The glass broken, the window offered a great view of the Saskatchewan golden field and wonderful blue sky.

through another window, I could see the sheds in the field.

An old truck lay abandoned in the yard.