My Bucket List

Three Polar bears approach the USS Honolulu, 2...

Things I want to do:   in NO particular order:

  1. Go for a Hot Air Balloon ride
  2. Write a novel
  3. Have my novel published
  4. learn to play the guitar
  5. Take a cruise on the Amazon River
  6. visit Chile
  7. travel to India and the Himalayas
  8. See a polar bear in the wild.
  9. Go White Water Rafting… completed Sep 1, 2012
  10. Win a photography competition
  11. Weigh under 140 lbs
  12. Run a 5km race.
  13. walk a half marathon race  …. Completed May 2009
  14. Travel to Newfoundland
  15. Hike the West Coast trail
  16. Sleep in a yurt.
  17. Climb  on the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, Mt Robson.   completed Aug 2011
  18. Learn to cross-country ski.
  19. Learn to Juggle.
  20. Travel to the Arctic  Aug 2011
  21. Visit San Francisco and ride the cable car
  22. Repell down a very high cliff
  23. Go para-sailing
  24. Go hang-gliding
  25. Travel to Asia
  26. Eat in a sidewalk cafe in Paris
  27. Go on a meditation retreat.
  28. Read every book of the Bible
  29. Get my Scuba Diving license
  30. Fly first class
  31. Volunteer with “Operation Christmas Child” to deliver the boxes.
  32. Dip my toe in the Arctic Ocean.
  33. Stand on the Arctic Circle  Complete Aug 2011
  34. Take a flying lesson  Done 2002
  35. Visit all 50 American States    (been to 28)
  36. Visit all 10 Canadian Provinces and 3 Territories.  (still need to visit Nfld and Nunavut)
  37. Go to at least 25 Zumba classes
  38. Ride in a helicopter  Sep 2011
  39. Travel the Oregon Coast
  40. Spend New Years Eve at Times Square.
  41. Go to the Olympics
  42. Travel to Africa and go on a safari   Completed Nov 2003
  43. Stand on the Equator   Completed Dec 2003
  44. Retire   Finally Dec  1 2010
  45. See the Grand canyon   June 2011
  46. Volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen
  47. Go bird-watching at Point Pelee park during the fall or spring migration
  48. Win a writing contest
  49. Join an organization with a humanitarian cause
  50. Organize all my old photos (a large box full) into albums.

This list is under construction.


19 responses to “My Bucket List

  1. I noticed #27 on your bucket list is a meditative retreat. I am a Christian pastor’s wife and direct an annual retreat called Be Still Retreat. You are invited! or go to my FB page: Be Still Retreat/Beth Ladd (we have 3 dates/3 locations in WA, OR, ID and plan to add more in the future! the idea is to practice Psalm 46:10 which says: “Be still and know that I am God”) Hope you can join us!! …love your pictures and I am a grandma too!! doesn’t seem possible but time flies by! We are just finishing our Beth Moore Bible study (The Patriarchs) on Tuesday nights and as I look at your beautiful photos I have been blessed!! Thank you!!

  2. well you will be living a long time, because you have a lot to do! 😉

  3. Got some of those that I added to my list. I hope you don’t mind … 😉

  4. great list–i have notebooks of ideas and I’m going to start a list like this too.
    I’m a little ways from retirement, but I think I should start now!
    And I just did number 21 on your list last Fall! It was fun!

  5. Your list has made me too tired to continue, I think. 🙂
    I sincerely hope you get to every single thing on that list!!

  6. After 3 years doing nothing cause my illness, you give me idea to make new adventure. Thanks Maggie! 🙂

  7. I like this! I am going to make one for myself too!

  8. Interesting list. I did your #1 in 1999 for my fifth anniversary. Quite fun.

  9. Love #31 – I went on a trip to Nicaragua to deliver the boxes a few years ago. And after spending some time on the West Coast this fall, #15 looks pretty good too : )

  10. Great list. Love looking at other people’s bucketlists. Always manage to find another inspiration to add to my ever expanding one!

  11. Nice list, Maggie!
    I now feel I should write my own too 🙂

  12. This has reminded me to make a new one of my own. Thanks! We definitely overlap. I hope you get to accomplish many of these soon!

  13. Stand on the Equator?! I love that one 😀

  14. For goodness sake, you have a lot crossed off already. You are one adventurous spirit!

  15. Great list! It is always great when you can cross something off and even greater when you can look back and relive those moments.

  16. Wow! What a great bucket list! Ever been to Belgium?

  17. Hi Maggie. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Great bucket list! Have you travelled to Australia? I didn’t see any Aussie adventures on your list, and I’m happy to suggest some 🙂

  18. Great list Maggie! I like to try new things every year and it has led to some fascinating experiences 🙂

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