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Macro Monday

I recently purchased a Nikon Macro lens and I am having fun with it. I need to learn the best ways of using it. Any tips and suggestions would be appreciated. I am not offended by constructive criticism.

Macro Photography makes me look for details

Sidney gazing longingly into the back yard, looking for those intruding squirrels. The beauty of the eye is amazing. .


Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Travelling on a back road in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, we came across an abandoned home. I am always sad looking around a home that seems to be left to die slowly. Windows broken, cobwebs and spiders, mice and other critters now call this place home. What happened to the owner? Why did they leave this home, with furniture, books, and personal items still inside?

Somewhere on a back road in Saskatchewan, we came across an abandoned house and decided to have a look around.

It was a very small place, looking in one window, I could see right through to another window and see the prairies and blue sky.

The colours of the house may have been blue at one time, now a lot of yellow shows (is it mould?)

I ventured inside. The glass broken, the window offered a great view of the Saskatchewan golden field and wonderful blue sky.

through another window, I could see the sheds in the field.

An old truck lay abandoned in the yard.

Architecture in Ottawa

Last week we had the privilege of taking our grandson to Ottawa to check out two universities there. He is thinking of Political Science, so we had to take a visit to the Parliament Buildings. I have been before, but this trip I noticed the beauty of the architecture in a new way. We took the elevator to the top of the Peace Tower, then sat in on a debate in the House of Commons. ( my camera was taken from me while we were in the House. ) A very interesting experience.

Some protesters on the walkway leading to the Central Block.

The Lion stands guard on one side of the archway representing England I believe.

A unicorn stands guard on the other side of the entrance. I understand it represents the French and Scotland. Why its tongue is sticking out I have no clue Why a unicorn at all baffles me. There are gargoyles in a lot of places too.

looking up at the archway, there are the shields for each province and corn, birds, and a multitude of other food and animals depicting the abundance of Canada.

inside there are stained glass windows and beautiful scrollwork on the ceilings. It is so beautiful

Looking down into the main entrance hall

We went up the Peace tower past the bells and to the lookout. A view from all sides. This is looking past the Library across the Ottawa River to Hull, Quebec.

For anyone from the USA, the building in the foreground is the US Embassy

Looking north and up the river.

From the top of the Peace Tower, the clock was right above our heads.

The centennial flame, added in 1967 for our 100th year, the shield of each province is set in the fountain, with the flame burning just above the water.

It seems like the water is on fire.

Macro Monday

This bush is along my front sidewalk. I love the colours in the evening light.


Sunday Stills- 25 and 50 steps (for Oct 30)

I am a day late but wanted to post my Sunday Stills . The challenge is: “Choose a starting spot, walk 25 steps in any direction and take 3 photos. The 25 steps can be outside your home, inside your home, in your neighborhood or away from your neighborhood.
Once your steps have been counted out, you must anchor one foot, you can pivot on that foot but your anchor foot may not move.

We took the dog for a walk on the nature trails. This is where I started the first 25 steps count.

This land and trail is supported by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, The Nature Conservancy of Canada and York Region. The land was donated by the Arnold C Matthew Family.

After 25 steps, the milkweed was right beside me.

There was a pine tree nearby

Sidney had to come back to get me, she does not like to get too far ahead, even when she is off leash.

The challenge continues with : “Choose a starting spot, walk 50 steps, repeat the instructions above. The 50 steps can be in a different direction, a different location or the same as the 25 steps.” I chose a different place, further along the trail.

I started my fifty steps from this point.

I got down low for a shot of Sidney

one lone leaf was caught on a bare branch, waiting for a wind so it can continue its journey to the forest floor. I noticed a lot of pine needles were caught by this same branch.

a few berries, left uneaten, have shrivelled on the vine.

I was enjoying our walk, crunching the leaves as we walked. I took a lot more photos. I found a lot of mushrooms and strange fungus.

my daughter and the dog went on ahead, I am too slow when I have my camera.

this log was white with a strange fungus growth I have never seen.

Anyone want a sugar-coated cookie?

very colourful for fungus

the trail narrowed and the pine trees were very dense on the sides, like a wall.

an old woodshed along the trail. The property has been donated, this is the only building that remains.

Thank you for joining us on our hike in the Nature Preserve. I hope you enjoyed it. There is not many more opportunities to hike before the snow falls.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Sunday Stills: Rocks and Rock Formations.

Our recent travels took us across North America where we enjoyed the varied landscape and countless beautiful rock formations. My favorite place is Bryce’s National Park in Utah. The colours and beauty of the hoodoos are second to none. I could not stand at the top and look down, I felt compelled to hike down to walk among the stone people. It is a wonderful experience to touch the glory of the canyon.

The hoodoo's formed by the wind and rain are standing in an amphitheatre.

A Paiute Indian myth says “the animal legend people who lived in Bryce Canyon long ago, displeased the coyote. Angered, he turned all the people to rock.”

I was not content to look from above, I had to hike into the canyon. I was dwarfed by the height of the hoodoos

The trail took us through archways and along steep cliffs.

looking through the natural stone arch

The dry canyon floor has trees growing high, reaching up to touch the sun.

looking up in the narrow canyon, the red colour of the rocks glowed in the hot summer sun.

Stairs cut into the steep cliff to helped us climb back up to the top.

The stairway to the top was very long, switching back and forth up the canyon wall. As we trudged higher and higher along with the other travellers, we still marvelled at the beauty of this place through our sweat and panting.