Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Travelling on a back road in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, we came across an abandoned home. I am always sad looking around a home that seems to be left to die slowly. Windows broken, cobwebs and spiders, mice and other critters now call this place home. What happened to the owner? Why did they leave this home, with furniture, books, and personal items still inside?

Somewhere on a back road in Saskatchewan, we came across an abandoned house and decided to have a look around.

It was a very small place, looking in one window, I could see right through to another window and see the prairies and blue sky.

The colours of the house may have been blue at one time, now a lot of yellow shows (is it mould?)

I ventured inside. The glass broken, the window offered a great view of the Saskatchewan golden field and wonderful blue sky.

through another window, I could see the sheds in the field.

An old truck lay abandoned in the yard.

44 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

  1. Marvelous photos! I love old abandoned houses…someones dream home? memories shared? a shelter from the storms of life?
    So glad you found Flanders Field…and included it in your pingbacks…\
    These photos open up windows in my soul.

  2. Amazing photos of the old house and its windows. The aged texture and colors stands out beautifully in each photo. In a way it reminded me of my dad’s ancestral home built before WW II. So much history and people who lived in it but in the end , most living members gave it up. A sad story really. Thanks for sharing.Wishing you and your family a lifetime of wonderful blessings.

  3. Such a great find! Wow : ) Beautiful photos.

  4. They had a great view out of those windows.

  5. very nice. love the window theme!

  6. Great .. I love old windows on clapboard houses or barns. The pix with the old truck is very nice.
    Good job on the challenge.

  7. I love old houses, but I’m always afraid of the little critters that might be lurking in the shadows. We even had pet mice for awhile, and I took care of them. But, wild mice always seem to jump up and go every which way.
    Very nice photos! Great entry!

  8. heart touching series! if houses could tell their stories …
    I’ve set a link (45.) to your post at

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  11. With your photos, it’s as if you brought us along in exploring this house. Thank you for the wonderful ‘mini-tour’. 🙂

  12. Wonderful photos! Beautiful country.

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  14. These are beautiful shots. I’d have to say that the yellow is lichens growing on the wood.
    You have given us a story here with your camera. And like you said, quite mysterious. I like to think that the people left on a vacation, to paradise, and just couldn’t bare to return. Maybe, they won the lottery and live in Vegas now!

  15. Congratulations, Maggie!

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  17. I love how the pictures tell their own story. Some great shots!

  18. Excellent!!!!
    I love what you presented for this challenge!

  19. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    All of these are great shots…I especially like the last two. Hugs

  20. Wonderful! I am always intrigued by old empty spaces… they speak of mystery and possibility.

    I like the windows within the windows best 🙂

  21. Maggie great rural shots! Love the different perspective from which you shot your pictures. Sad the place is abandoned, always makes me wonder. Farm truck shot is my favorite I believe.

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  24. Very nice collection. Thank you for coming by my blog[pst and for mentioning it at your list. Greetings from Brazil from http://3rdculturechidren.com

  25. 3rd Culture Children

    Very nice collection. Thank you for coming by my blog[pst and for mentioning it at your list. Greetings from Brazil from http://3rdculturechidren.com

  26. Very intriguing photos. My, what stories these windows could probably tell! Even your header photo is a great choice of windows! 🙂

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  28. I really liked your pictures…the beauty in something old can really show through if you know how to do it…and you do…

  29. Very sad but the perfection for the theme is there, great shot.

  30. Terrific shots ~ especially the last few! Great take on the theme.

  31. Maggie,
    These are all great – you could write a novel about this house and the people who lived here before its final demise…..

  32. They are all lovely, but I like the first and last best.

  33. This is a great post – the photos are beautiful. Sad but lovely

  34. Northern Narratives

    Great photos!

  35. Wonderful set of images.

  36. What a shame its been abandoned. It would be interesting to watch it for a few years.

  37. These are lovely photos! I love the fourth photo where you can see through the window the lovely green grass and the gorgeous blue sky 🙂

  38. I love old windows. These are beautiful. Thanks for posting them.

  39. Great shots. congratulations. I really like the second one. =)

  40. I love your window shots! Abandoned homes are so fascinating – just like you said – who lived there, why did they leave. I like how you used the window frame to frame the picture. Well done.

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