Remembering summer flowers amd unidentified bugs

It is still winter. We are expecting a wind storm tonight, with lots of rain. I hope it washes away the snow, but I would rather the sun do that. I wanted to post a few flowers to put me in the mood for better days, for the warm sunny summer days. I long for my garden to come to life. I want to get outside, to sit on the deck with the warmth of the sun kissing my face. I hope these few photos will touch your heart or warm you up in some way.

The busy bee, caught on a cosmos flower

I took this photo in Alaska of an unknown red bug on an Unidentified flower. Can anyone help me identify what either the bug or the flower is?

There were clumps of these silken seeds along the Dempster Highway in the North West Territories. They glistened in the sun.

18 responses to “Remembering summer flowers amd unidentified bugs

  1. I saw a lime green colored insect today, It’s wings were outlined in a purple color, when it opened it’s wings, there appeared to be somthing in the shape of an eye on a lower wing.It also had what looked like 2 lower legs. Please tell me what in the world this is

  2. there is such hope in them!

  3. Yes, Your beautiful photos gave a great joy for my eyes. I love especially the first photo.

  4. Very nice to share in your experience of warmth and watching the wildlife attracted to the flowers.

  5. Makes me think about my flower garden and start some early planning.

  6. Powerful. Especially love what you found along the Dempster Highway.

  7. I hope we get some of that rain!

  8. So so pretty! LOVE the first one especially!

  9. We’re alike, Maggie. We post flower pictures to sooth ourselves from winter blues. Lovely shot with the butterfly, I think (not a bee). Cause its wings look more wide on your picture for a bee.

  10. I don’t know what that red bug is, but it looks almost camouflaged with those white stripes.


  11. Love the color purple. Waiting with great anticapation for spring. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Beautiful! The last one would work for this weeks theme!

  13. lyndajeffersphotography

    Beautiful, makes me feel like spring is on the way. 🙂

  14. I think your bee is in costume as a butterfly

  15. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    What beauty in pictures. Capturing the bee with wings moving…amazing shot. Love the purple and that last picture is gorgeous. Hugs

  16. “Like” isn’t good enough! They should have a “Love” button! As I listen to the wind howl in a rage outside I am enjoying the sight of your beautiful flowers, and bugs! And the silky seeds with the lovely purple background too.
    Thanks for brightening a nasty, thunderstormy, gusty night! Hope your wind gusts aren’t as bad as predicted.

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