A Closer Look through the Lens

I have been having fun using my macro lens to photograph a variety of sticks. The colours, the shapes and the unique twists in the sticks I found is amazing.
Taking a close look at things has become a passion. It is easy to overlook the individual branch when looking at the beauty of a tree. I invite you to look closer.

Pretty in Pink

The stickman

Hairy bud and snow

I'm Likin' the Lichen

Lets twist again, Like we did last summer.

My hairy bud

Red and white

19 responses to “A Closer Look through the Lens

  1. your photography is incredible!

  2. I love the macro effect and the cleverness behind making it so beautiful. Well done!

  3. How amazing! Sometimes we forget the beauty of a single leaf or branch and focus too much on the big picture. Beautiful shots.

  4. Gorgeous images! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Isn’t it wonderful what you see when you get up close and personal? i love your awesome pics!

  6. Incredible photos!

  7. You are marvelous with your macro! I think you ought to make a book!
    These are just wonderful images. I love my macro and I feel the same way you do! I stalk things now! Looking around inside and outside the house. But mine is not as strong as yours, I’m sure of it. I love how close you can get!
    You mention the “hair on the bud”…I never noticed it until I got the macro! In fact, the other day I was shooting and saw “the hairs” and thought my curly locks had become tangled in the bud at some time. So I pulled at it and realized that it was part of the bud and they ALL have “hair”! ;( Poor bud!

  8. Gorgeous! I love all these little tendrils and buds. Lovely colors.

  9. Oh Maggie these are just the loveliest photos! Thank you so very much for sharing them. Your lens is really really cool. Twigs and buds are my favorite things in my yard right now.

    Ta Ta for now Cathy the Bagg Lady

  10. absolutely beautiful!

  11. Shots like these are very cool. People walk by the little things all day, every day, and fail to see the elements that make up the whole. Isolated, the individual components of these little branches are a work of art in themselves.

  12. I wanna twist again like we did last summer too! Great title.

  13. I totally agree Maggie. It’s amazing what you see… when you take the time to look closer. Great macro shots!

  14. a pleasure looking at your photos, the vines and buds up close, the snow at the edge… close, close… beguiling in its intimacy, and handsome all the while as each, goes about its life, with independent purpose.

  15. Some amazing photos. I can just imagine how much fun you are having. I am saving to purchase my first macro lens. Continue to have fun. Looking forward to seeing more photos.


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