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An Arctic Journey

The journey to the Arctic began at the Arctic Circle.

Crossing the Arctic Circle

The Dempster Highway starts in the Yukon, and continues into the Northwest Territories. We travelled for 734 km on the dirt highway, our destination: Inuvik.

We had to quickly shut the windows to protect us from the dust storm this transport truck kicked up.

The highway is built up above the permafrost. It is hard to see the steep drop on the side of the highway. We did not want to slide over the edge on this journey. I am glad there was not too much oncoming traffic.

The journey continued to the Mackenzie River. As we drove down the mountainside could see the community of Tsiigetchic as we descended to the river. There is no bridge. We had to catch the ferry.

The crew allowed us to climb up to the top deck, past the “no admittance” sign so that I could take some photos. I could not resist a photo of our very dirty van.

The ferry was not busy, they let us climb up to the "crew only" area

A great view of the approaching “dock”. The ferry simply runs up against the gravel, lowers the ramp and we drive on and off the ferry.

The road is built right to the edge of the river. The ferry is an extension of the Dempster Highway and is free.

We made it to the final leg of our journey to Inuvik , NWT Canada, home to the famous Igloo Church.

The Igloo Church in Inuvik


Remembering summer flowers amd unidentified bugs

It is still winter. We are expecting a wind storm tonight, with lots of rain. I hope it washes away the snow, but I would rather the sun do that. I wanted to post a few flowers to put me in the mood for better days, for the warm sunny summer days. I long for my garden to come to life. I want to get outside, to sit on the deck with the warmth of the sun kissing my face. I hope these few photos will touch your heart or warm you up in some way.

The busy bee, caught on a cosmos flower

I took this photo in Alaska of an unknown red bug on an Unidentified flower. Can anyone help me identify what either the bug or the flower is?

There were clumps of these silken seeds along the Dempster Highway in the North West Territories. They glistened in the sun.

Sunday Stills-Vanishing Points-October 9th, 2011



The Dempster Highway in the Canadian Yukon vanishes over the next hilltop.


The very high bridge above the Hoover Dam.

The road, the water, the telephone lines, the grass on the sides of the road all converge at one point on the horizon.


This is a fire tower in the far north of BC. I love how all the wires and the ladder converge at the top.

The lines of the Giant cedar in the Rocky Mountains vanish into the branches high above.

Where is the vanishing point? The view of the Grand canyon vanishes in the morning haze.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Basking in the glow of the setting sun.

She quietly paddled off after the sun went down.

The other sunset, which will be forever vivid in my mind happened earlier this summer. We were driving along the Dempster Highway heading to the remote village of Inuvik in Canada’s far north. After midnight the sunset began and lasted for a very long time. We pulled over and watched the spectacle with our mouths open. This was the first “midnight sunset” I have ever seen.

The horizon was set on fire.

the colours lingered in the sky for a very long time after the sun set because we were north of the Arctic Circle.