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Three, Two, One, Blast into Spring

Spring blasted into my world today, spun around and left summer in its wake. Last weekend there was ice on the lake here in southern Ontario. Today the temperature reached 26 C.  (26 ºC = 78.8 ºF for anyone in the USA )

Early spring crocuses are in bloom. I am not sure how this crazy weather will affect my garden this year. I will take it day by day.

I took a few photos with a macro lens today to celebrate whatever season this is.



One... Blast into spring.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter… it is here!!

We have been waiting for winter… with dread. I am not a cold weather enthusiast. I looked out the window … SNOW … living in Canada it is inevitable. Since leaving the west coast, I have never seen a winter without it.

The backyard was covered in the white stuff

Sidney couldn’t wait to get out into the snow.

She enjoyed playing by herself for a few minutes.

Catching snowflakes on her tongue.and burying her nose in the snow

Sidney gave me a look… she wanted me to come outside and play with her.

"What are you doing? I am waiting for you.. come on, it is snowing, let's have some fun."

I have a cold, I do not want to get dressed, get my shoes on and go outside. I just want to light a fire and snuggle in a blanket.

Please? Sidney begged with her hang-dog look...

I knew what I had to do, it is too hard to resist those eyes…

I had no choice…

I called my husband to go play with Sydney.

But first, Sidney had to wait inside while he cleared the deck.

and I… I closed the door, lit the fire and nursed my cold with a hot lemon drink.