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weekly photo challenge: textured

Camera in hand, I was ready  for a walk on the beach. This weeks theme for the Photo Challenge is rolling around in the back of my mind. Texture? I think of textured wallpaper or a sweater. The long sandy beach on the north shore of Lake Superior beckons me to take off my shoes.

My foot sinks into the sand. I can feel the soft texture of the warm sand between my toes. soft? grainy?

Closer to the water's edge the sand is cool and hard, still grainy, a bit rougher.

A wave washes over my feet. smooth and cool. Does water have a texture?

How is texture described? I realized that various textures were all around me.

The driftwood, worn by time feels smooth and hard.

The bay ends in a rocky point. The rocks are worn smooth from the endless waves crashing over them.

There are parts of the rock that have remained rough

The moss along the trail is soft and lacy in texture.

The wild rose-bush has a spiky branch. Is spiky a texture?

Lichen hangs from the old branches of the fir trees. Hairy? rough? stringy?

The fireweed seeds are silky, smooth, delicate, soft, light.

The bark on the tree is very hard.The crevaces are deep giving the tree a rough texture.

A visit to the outhouse leaves me disappointed. The paper is rough, not smooth. scratchy instead of soft. Thin instead of luxuriously thick. The most unpleasant texture of the day.

– Texture and Soul –

“Not the Texture of Wood
Nor the texture of steel,
But the  texture of you
Is what makes your soul real”

– Anon  –