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Ice Mountain on the Lake

On a normal Day in Late January, Late Simcoe will have trucks and snowmobiles travelling across it. There are usually countless fish huts dotting the lake. Not this year. It has been a mild winter. The water near the shore froze, but the high winds broke the ice and pushed the pieces toward the shore. Now there are chunks of ice sticking up all over making it hard to walk. In the sheltered parts of the Lake, the water has frozen once again. The patterns in the ice that are sticking up are beautiful.


We walked on the lake just before sunset, the colours adding to the drama.


Natures Lace


mountain majesty


Some ice mountains are rounded.


Ice like a thousand stars


The setting sun added colour to the snow and ice.




Sunset over Lake Simcoe

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Idaho Hills

A gentle green hillside, bare, treeless, beautiful. I took this photo in the south of Idaho in the summer of 2011. That same summer I travelled to the far north and took another photo of another simple hillside, this time in the Canadian North West Territories.

Northwest Territories, Canada

I love the simplicity of a rainbow. Just water and light, mixing together to show the glorious colours of a rainbow.

rainbow over the plains

A sunset is another display of nature using simple ingredients to paint the sky and in this case, our van.

The sun is the artist who painted our car.

Remembering Prairie Sunsets

I looked at some photos taken on a trip across the country and remembered a wonderful day spent in southern Alberta. We visited the Red River Coulee with my nephew Mike and his wife Michelle.

The sun was getting low in the sky and cast a beautiful glow across the grass of the prairie.There were interesting rocks covering the coulee. this one huge rock was round and seemed out of place because it was so round. Too big to roll down the hill, although the thought did cross my mind.

In the glow.

We lingered there, watching as the sun set.

fence post and grass

Alberta Sundown

As the sun vanished below the horizon

Totems on Burnaby Mountain

Faces kissed by the setting sun

Totems stand facing the west overlooking Vancouver

Lucy enjoys the view

Silently watching, guarding.

The bear stands tall atop the highest pole.

weekly photo challenge: sunset 2

I have tried to organize my photos and came across these that I took at the end of March this year. The ice was still on Lake Simcoe.

A few days later the ice had receded from the shoreline giving us more reflections.

close up of the clouds hiding the sun.

The water giving a reflection with the ice looking very dark.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Basking in the glow of the setting sun.

She quietly paddled off after the sun went down.

The other sunset, which will be forever vivid in my mind happened earlier this summer. We were driving along the Dempster Highway heading to the remote village of Inuvik in Canada’s far north. After midnight the sunset began and lasted for a very long time. We pulled over and watched the spectacle with our mouths open. This was the first “midnight sunset” I have ever seen.

The horizon was set on fire.

the colours lingered in the sky for a very long time after the sun set because we were north of the Arctic Circle.


The ice has receded reflecting the sunset in the cold water