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Weekly Photo Challenge: random

No photo challenge? I will not be stopped. I have decided to call it “Random” and post anyway. I hope you enjoy.

Last summer, we travelled along the “Top of The World” highway between Alaska and the Yukon. Near the border, is the small settlement of boundary Alaska. Population 3.

The welcome sign is painted on the big old oil drum.

 Near the road is an old log building. It was the store in the years when Boundary was a thriving mining community. We met the entire “village” and they allowed us to explore and photograph the store.

The log store.We went inside to find there were a lot of artifacts.


An old cash register. A little worse for wear.


The piano longs to be played once more. I love the three legged stool.


This looks like the stove I learnt to cook on, back in the day. No wonder I have never liked to cook.


The back door. You can see the dirt road (the highway) in the background.


Nearby, is a small cafe. We enjoyed a coffee and muffin served by Adam.

Open for business.

The inside was small, a table for four and a counter. 

Waiting for the coffee to brew. The walls are covered with business cards and an assortment of "treasures" of all kinds.

Historic Champagne: cabins and trucks

Turning off the Alaska Highway, we drove, instead, the byways of the Yukon. On the old Alaska Highway, we found ourselves in the tiny settlement of Champagne. A brief history, outlined on a sign at the edge of the village, did not prepare us for exploring the townsite. There are still a few aboriginal people living in the settlement. One of them, a young man, approached us as soon as we arrived. He was eager to tell us some of the history and point out which log cabin had once been the RCMP headquarters and which one was the former jailhouse.

the jailhouse

RCMP outpost

Old trucks abandoned after building the Alaska Highway in the 40's.

Simply to old to bring back to life.

I enjoyed the wagons: worn, cracked and neglected.

cracked and dry


Outside the window, an old barrel gathers rust.

Just have to play around once in a while...