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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

I am always ready to try new things, ready for an adventure. While in Skagway Alaska, Sarah and I decided to go rock-climbing. I had tried it once indoors. Let me just say that the indoor climbing walls are a lot different to the real thing.

We travelled to the climbing site and I got my harness on. 

I have my harness on and I am READY

 The company gave us a powder blue helmet to put on. I couldn’t help but feel relief, knowing that when I fall from the top of the cliff, my helmet will save me.
A few last-minute adjustments while I looked up… waaaay up.The first step.

Surveying the cliff

As I placed my fingers on the cold hard rock, I wondered how I will be able to cling to the rock. the ledges were so tiny.

The first step.

I soon got the hang of it and climbing happened.

a view from below. can you see that tiny person way up there?

I am very proud that I made it to the top, not once but twice, in two different sections. Climbing is hard work. It takes a lot of leg strength to push up each step of the way.

a cropped photo of me at the top.the second climb is higher still.

 Repelling back down is the most fun because it takes no strength.

Just lean back and jump your way down.

 I am ready to give it another go. Anyone want to come with me? This is something I want to continue as part of my healthy new lifestyle.

My Day 1 Healthy Dinner is Served

I wanted a simple meal tonight, it is just the two of us. I am not a gourmet cook, in fact, using the word “cook” and “Maggie” in the same sentence usually also includes the word “lousy”. With my resolution to eat healthy, I decided on an omelette.

scramble the eggs

I chopped some red pepper, sliced some zuccini and celery, and added some chopped bok choy and sauted them all  in a bit of olive oil. Using these colourful veggies, I would cover some of  the vitimins I need for the day. My plan is coming together nicely. My problem is my husband. How do I disguise the “Bok Choy”?  I could hear the words..”What is this green stuff?” said in a most disgruntled tone.  I know that I am “in it to win it”. I am going to eat healthy.  If he wants, he can always make  PB+J sandwiches for himself. It is my resolution after all.

saute the veggies in olive oil

I put the quinoa (keen-wa) on to cook. It cooks just like rice but is far healthier. It is important to get enough fibre and to eat healthy whole grains. Quinoa is a great choice.  In 1/4 cup I will get 3 gms of fibre and 5 gms of protein.

Quinoa is ready

I added a can of cooked tomatoes to the quinoa. Cooked tomatoes contain lycopene, which is one of the most potent antioxidants. Dietary intake of tomatoes and tomato products containing lycopene has been shown to be associated with a decreased risk of chronic diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. I need all the help I can get and I love tomatoes.

Quick and easy… dinner is served.

Dinner is served

I really enjoyed it and yes, he did ask “what is that green stuff”? But, he has a cold and his taste buds are out of service, so he thinks he “likes” bok choy… (yeah I win one.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch… of a new healthy lifestyle

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week stumped me … Launch? are you kidding? None of the spaceships I am working on in my backyard are ready to launch. So I resorted to thinking….

It is a new year and I have resolved to change my ways. I need to embrace a healthier lifestyle. So…. Right here, right now, I am officially launching the new healthy life of Maggie.

I resolve to eat a rainbow of colourful veggies every day.

a rainbow of veggies everyday

I resolve to eat fresh fruit daily:

Fresh fruit

It is important to get enough fibre and to eat healthy whole grains. Quinoa is a great choice.  in 1/4 cup I will get 3 gms of fibre and 5 gms of protein. Take that white rice, you are outta here.

A healthy lifestyle includes so much more than eating the right food. Excercise is also crucial.

I resolve to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and to walk at least 15 km each week.

I resolve to keep fit and to hit my goal weight by April Fools Day. so for inspiration, I indulged and bought a magazine.

Do you think I can look like that by Apriil 1st?, Shake your head Maggie, you are retired!. those days are gone. (but not forgotten.)

I have been suffering with a cold and Bronchitis for the past week or so. I am feeling better and finally ready for 2012, better late than never. I am ready to start my new Lifestyle.