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Sydney the Jumping Shepherd

It is Daylight Saving Time, the geese are returning home from their vacation and Sydney has a new spring in her step.

We put the leash on Sydney and walked to the lake to enjoy the sun.

The ice is melting in the creek.

The ice on Lake Simcoe is starting to melt.  All the fish huts have to be removed from the lake by March 15th, but I worry that it is already unsafe. There have already been a few ice rescues and sadly some tragedies.

help...the ice is sinking.

Luckily, it is not deep at this spot. Sydney was able to scramble out and shake off the icy water.

I found a stick.. please play with me.

Sydney loves to jump to grab the stick.

Sydney can jump high

She loves the game and will keep it up for a long time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter… it is here!!

We have been waiting for winter… with dread. I am not a cold weather enthusiast. I looked out the window … SNOW … living in Canada it is inevitable. Since leaving the west coast, I have never seen a winter without it.

The backyard was covered in the white stuff

Sidney couldn’t wait to get out into the snow.

She enjoyed playing by herself for a few minutes.

Catching snowflakes on her tongue.and burying her nose in the snow

Sidney gave me a look… she wanted me to come outside and play with her.

"What are you doing? I am waiting for you.. come on, it is snowing, let's have some fun."

I have a cold, I do not want to get dressed, get my shoes on and go outside. I just want to light a fire and snuggle in a blanket.

Please? Sidney begged with her hang-dog look...

I knew what I had to do, it is too hard to resist those eyes…

I had no choice…

I called my husband to go play with Sydney.

But first, Sidney had to wait inside while he cleared the deck.

and I… I closed the door, lit the fire and nursed my cold with a hot lemon drink.

Swimming is for the dogs

These warm sunny days should not be wasted. We said the “w” word sending Sidney into a flurry of excitement. After lots of dashing up and down the hallway, we grabbed her leash and set off for a walk in Sibbald’s Point Provincial Park. Sidney knows the way. She sits quietly in the back of the van, watching every turn, until we get to Black River Road. We can hear her soft whimper escalate into pure yowls of anticipation. She knows we are almost at her favorite place. She loves to run and this park has plenty of grassy fields. She bounds from the car and dashes off as if being chased by a bear. After a few minutes of running in circles, she invites us to play with her. Not content with just a ball, or even a small stick, Sidney found a very large branch.

Sidney wants to play with a large stick

She runs around with it hanging from her mouth and we have to play “dodge the branch” with her, if we take our eyes off her for a moment, she runs beside us and whacks us with her stick.

She runs around and if we are not watching, we will get whacked behind the knee.

She likes us to throw the stick. When we are at home in the yard, she will drop a ball or a frisbee at our feet but will not give it to us when we are at the park. We have to wrestle her for it.

The park is on Lake Simcoe. The wind whipped up the lake and it was very rough.

The lake is very rough today.

Sidney also loves to swim. She does not appreciate the waves however. In fact, I think she was a bit afraid at first but playing took her mind off the waves and the freezing cold water.

The waves crashed over Sidney's head.

Chasing a stick into the water.

Did anybody bring a towel?

The sun warmed us again once we were off the beach. I could not resist taking a few pictures before we headed home.

Great day for wind surfing.