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weekly photo challenge: comfort

I love the water!  The best way to enjoy hot healing water is in a hot springs, a very natural Hot Springs with steaming hot water bubbling up right through the rocks. That is my idea of GREAT comfort. Just lay back and relax.

We were on a long roadtrip which took us to northern BC. The Liard Hotsprings is a perfect spot to relax. Some hot springs have you in a swimming pool, with the temperature regulated, not Liard. It is deep in the woods, ferns and bushes line the natural pool. The water flows through the pools.  There is a challenge which I had to take. Place a rock near where the springs bubble up from the earth below. It is the HOTTEST spot. I took the challenge and managed to reach far enough to place a rock. Mission accomplished, I went back to simply relax in the woods.

This is the way to spend a lazy afternoon... perfect comfort. Hot water is the best way to relax.