seven life lessons I was slow to learn.

The best teacher in my life has been life itself. If I had to teach a life course I would have to admit I usually got it wrong.

I love the quote: “The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you learned this afternoon”. Anonymous

There will always be people holding up stop signs. You need to make a detour and often find that you end up discovering the new path is a more exciting way to get where you wanted to go in the first place..

My class would include the following life lessons.

  1. Never make a hasty decision on important matters. When I was in nursing school, I met a guy. You know the type, the tall, dark, handsome type, who makes your heart beat fast and makes you giddy with excitement. Before long, he was transferred across the country. He asked me to follow him. I threw my education out the window and moved. It has been 45 years and we are still happily married, but the point is, I gave up my education on a whim. Don’t do that. You will need it.
  2. Make good  friends and keep them. I am the bad example. I have lost good friends through neglect on my part. I have lost the closeness I once had with some and totally lost contact with others.  Do not let them get away. I often feel sad because I do not have a best friend. It is easier to stay in touch in this age, with Facebook and email and all the techy contact we have, however face to face interaction is vital.
  3. Stay humble, forgive and be willing to say you are sorry. Family members hurt each other sometimes. Friends say things. We all make mistakes. Always make an effort to patch things up. Take the initiative to make it right. I have seen too many families torn apart with misunderstandings. Do not be too proud to make the first move.
  4. Set goals.  I mean a lot of goals. These should be flexible but you need to start with what is in your heart. Write out a bucket list. Fill it with your dreams. Big dreams like retiring early and small dreams like learning to ski. I wish I had done that. I never heard of a bucket list when I was young, in fact, it seemed a womans goal back then should be to get married, have children and … ummm… well, that was it. So that is what I did. Years went by, kids grew up and suddenly, there I was, aimlessly going through life, my mission accomplished. Once I crawled out of the depression hole I found myself in, I wrote a bucket list and I am blissfully working towards completing my goals
  5. Do not waste your sunny days.Be adventurous. Be spontaneous. Never stay home because the laundry needs to be done or the lawn needs mowing. We had a lot of fun with our children on the days we jumped in the car to go get groceries and ended up a hundred miles away hiking in the forest, the grocery shopping abandoned, simply because it was a sunny day.

    Don’t waste your sunny days

  6. Don’t worry. We all know worry doesn’t change anything. Worry is stressful, it is a waste of time and energy. Most often, we worry about things that will never happen. It is as if we are waiting for the shoe to drop. Think of the times you have worried in the past. What happened? Did it help to worry about it first?  Instead, go for a walk, go shopping, watch a funny movie. Learn to distract yourself. When a crisis does hit your life, and it will, you will somehow find the strength to accept it and deal with it as best you can. Just look at all your options and pray.
  7. Make sure you are happy. That sounds obvious but too many people work at a job they hate, with a boss that expects them to work overtime, leaving them drained and tired. Family life suffers. You suffer. Before it is too late, find another job, go back to school if you have to, but don’t settle for mediocre. Aim to get the job that makes your heart happy. Remember your goals.

I could go on, and I might, but not today, I need to go out and play. Oh, this  is important, maybe it should be number one.. Do not ever think you are too old to PLAY.

Let’s play

37 responses to “seven life lessons I was slow to learn.

  1. Hi Maggie! Wonderfully written, full of wisdom. borne out of experience…the lessons we learn are priceless and at one point, very similar that it transcends cultural boundaries.
    We have only one life to live, may we learn all that we have to.
    We are not passing this way again.

  2. Maggie:

    Great list! Thanks for sharing your life lessons. You are so right that our life experiences teach us a lot. This was just what I need to read today, especially #7. Thanks for the inspirational and motivation to continue to live abundantly.


  3. I’ve been missing your blog, Maggie. I hope everything is okay & you’re just busy doing something fabulous!

  4. All so true…I have learned that today is what counts…make the most of it!…~mkg

  5. Great post, very well put. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey there! The Dark Globe follower appreciation post sent me here, and I wanted to say I love your blog. It’s really inspiring! 🙂 Love the pictures too, especially of the kids touching the sun. 🙂

  7. Hey, just wanted to say Thank you for Following The Dark Globe… It’s Follower Appreciation Month over there, you should Check it out


  8. In hindsight, I’ve made some bad decisions. However, then, as now, I make my decisions based on the best information I can find. Because of that, I’ve never been ashamed of any decision.

  9. Thank you for sharing these wonderful life lessons Maggie! We do need constant reminders.

  10. I love this …so much so I’ve read it twice, thank-you so much!

  11. Good advice, but I like the eighth one best 🙂 Lovely pic.

  12. Take note, nowhere here does it say, “Get rich” and rightfully so. 🙂
    Thank you for this, Maggie.

    • Thanks for noticing.. that is no longer one of my goals, I am never going to be money rich, but my life is rich beyond measure in what really counts.

  13. I very much enjoyed reading this! Essential lessons for sure..I especially love the not wasting sunny days. 🙂

  14. Excellent life lessons!! Thanks for reminding us of what’s important!!

  15. I am all there with being happy and finding my inner child:) Great post – thanks for sharing! Have a Happy Sunshiny Day:)

  16. Great lessons. I need to follow some of that advice.

  17. Absolutely loved this! Just what I needed today …thanks!!

  18. Great advice, for sure.

  19. ‘Be adventurous. Be spontaneous.’ Above all take life as the spontaneous adventure it is. Live it, love it and do everything to prevent yourself from waking up one day regretting that there are things you haven’t even tried though you’ve always wanted to. Never miss out on the chances life gives you. Make it count. XO- Mr.StrictlyIntimate

  20. these are great words to live by. we try to get everything done first and then enjoy life, it should be the other way around

  21. so glad you enjoy playing… yes, I think that’s the most important one.

  22. Excellent post – very wise and insightful.

  23. Great thoughts…Hit a lot of us I’m sure…I have to admit …I do try and live this way… Relationships are so more important than “things”…and as we get older wee see the truth in enjoying each day to the fullest…so if someone hasn’t started to do this…I encourage them as you have to start immediately!~ mkg

  24. Very good points. We’ve lived quite different lives, but also similar: I never had any real goals. That just dawned on me a few weeks ago, and I wrote about that.

  25. So much wisdom here, Maggie, and beautiful children too! I love the second photo.

  26. buckwheatsrisk

    i wish they were all as easy done as said!! 😉

  27. I love all seven, but my favorite has to be #5, Don’t waste your sunny days! Great post!

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