Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

It is a beautiful sunny day, I was taking some photos in the back yard, checking on the dove in the nest, my husband playing with Sydney. I noticed the arranged patio stones. While I took some photos, the dogs shadow fell across the stones. I caught the kong in mid-flight, its shadow fell in front of Sydney’s shadow.
I thought this would be a good entry for arranged… I not only arranged the stones, but also the photo.

Sydney playing with the Kong on our arranged patio stones


13 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

  1. Very nice, and imaginative too.

  2. Very cool photo Maggie! I have to laugh at the kong 🙂 One leg in! I love how Sydney’s shadow is clinging to two paws!

  3. I love the simplicity of your beautiful shot… TY! 🙂

  4. Intriguing capture! Delightful composition of arranged items!

  5. Great picture. Nice to meet your blog.


  6. Lovely! I really like silhouettes and this one against the arranged stones is charming.

  7. What a great photo! One of those serendipity kind of times!

  8. I love the shadow effect to add spice to the ‘arranged stones’. 🙂

  9. buckwheatsrisk

    i love love love that pic! you should win an award for that!!

  10. Dido has a blue Kong!

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