Through the Eye of the Needle.

My eyes were wide open. We drove so slowly along the winding, narrow road. We wanted to take in the beauty and wonder of the Needles Highway. Custer State Park is in the SW corner of South Dakota. This is a perfect place for this weeks challenge : Weekly Photo Challenge: Through  A brochure at a tourist center caught our attention. We knew we wanted to check this out and I am glad we did. The rock formations are unique. The highway is winds through the Black Hills.

The rock formations resembled needles

The highway is built on the edge of a cliff.

Approaching one of the tunnels

If you cannot go around it and you cannot go over it, you have to go through it.

Driving through the very narrow tunnel

The Highway has many spectacular sights yet the most famous is the Eye of the Needle. A rock formation formed by the power of the wind, the rain, the snow and ice. Mother Nature had fun making this famous spot.

We could see through the eye of the needle.

If you are ever in South Dakota, do not miss this short yet spectacular drive. Leave plenty of time. It is only 8 or so miles, but you will need lots of time because you will want to stop over and over.

32 responses to “Through the Eye of the Needle.

  1. The first time I went there was in Summer 1973. It was awesome to an 18-year-old who had only been in Utah and Texas.

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  4. I especially liked the last photo.

  5. Awesome photos for “through”

  6. Beautiful photos! I really enjoyed the photos and the accompanying information about the drive! 🙂

  7. Totally awesome photos!

  8. I love the Needles Highway. It always is an amazing trip.

  9. I would love to cycle this route. Great pics

  10. Beautiful captures that are perfect for the challenge! Looks like a spectacular drive… would love to see South Dakota up close and personal someday.

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  12. That’s two layers of ‘Through’ right there! I like when Photo Challenge entries are as spot-on as this. 🙂

  13. Cool little tunnel! Great shots!

  14. Perfect images for the challenge, and what a cool place to visit! Wonderful!

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  16. Amazing photos indeed and an equally amazing place!

  17. How spectacular it is. If we ever live our dream of travelling the States in a camper van, I’m visiting here.

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  19. Excellent selection of shots… 🙂

  20. Wonderful! I love them all.

  21. Very nice shot! Like them all and I would like to be in the tunnel and take some photos of the rock formation … 🙂

  22. cool i felt like i just went for a drive!

  23. What a wonderful adventure and gorgeous photos…. thank-you for sharing.

  24. I love these photos. They are stunning!
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. This looks like my kinda of place. I love the tunnels through the rocks. On the western tip of Virginia, going into North Carolina, I remember going through a long tunnel, cut through the mountains. It was a breathtaking, but treacherous drive, on either end of the tunnel, from what I remember (about 30 years ago). This set of shots stirs up some beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing, Maggie.

  26. absolutely breath taking

  27. I very much enjoyed seeing this!


  28. Great photos for this week’s challenge. My entry can be found here:

  29. Loving your photos – thanks for sharing! Have a Great Weekend:)

  30. Grat shots and the eye of the needle is fascinating!

  31. The photos are AMAZING…nice blog…peace Jaz

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