When The Birds and The Bees Meet

I felt him looking at me. He was staring from the roof of the bird feeder. Mr Yellow Jacket rubbed his hands together, watching my approach.  Was he planning an attack?

"Hey, gang, wake up, someone is heading this way. She looks tasty"

All winter, the Yellow Jackets have laid in wait, dormant, hiding inside the log cabin that sits on the bird feeder. We did not realize they had built a home there.

"I am coming Buzz, I am ready to attack cause I am hungry It has been a long winter."

My husband had to take down the log house and remove the nest. The Yellow Jackets continue to gather around the empty feeder. I have a feeling they will be building another home inside the house.

The hive, but no honey. Just our luck, we get the Yellow Jackets. Why don't the Honey Bees built a hive on our property.

There was a cluster of bees inside the nest.

We enjoy feeding the birds and watching them at the feeder. I wonder if birds will eat the bees? I hope so.

The Birdhouse is back on the post. We will keep watching for further developments.

22 responses to “When The Birds and The Bees Meet

  1. A fascinating post. Thank you.

  2. That top picture is great! He looks like a mean character!

  3. Brave indeed! I am terrified of the critters!

  4. Great closeups! You are brave to get so close. I tend to keep my distance.

  5. Stepping My Way to Bliss

    I can’t believe the markings and details on your little buddy. Awesome pictures.

  6. Fantastic photography Maggie! Cute little birdhouse – did your hubby make it?

  7. Amazing captures Maggie! Your macro photography is inspirational. 🙂

  8. Loved the visuals and hope the Yellow Jackets stay away…they can be quite nasty when they sting! ~mkg

  9. Your macro shots are just stunning! I sure wish I had the 150mm! But it takes someone behind the macro that knows what to do, also! And you certainly know how to get those shots, Maggie! They are gorgeous. I’ve never seen a Yellow Jacket that close! I had no idea “their costume” was so decorative and brilliant!

  10. Great photos. Love the closeup from the front. What do you shoot with to get such great macro shots?

  11. i cracked up in your first sentence. the bees were rubbing their hands…….i could just picture this too

  12. buckwheatsrisk

    wow i love those shots!

  13. I love that birdhouse. Good luck with the yellow jackets … they are mean little devils. 🙂

  14. It was interesting to see what these creatures look like up close as I have not yet seen a live one.

  15. The Yellow Jackets do not look very nice 🙂

  16. Spray some WD40 in their nesting spot then they cannot smell their scent to rebuild – let it air for a day or so and then the birds will be happy too. We have a small army of praying mantis that keep the yellow jackets under control too. The birds are going bonkers in our yard right now – horny devils – ha! Happy Spring!

  17. skippingbubbles

    The bee hive shot is gorgeous! 🙂

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