Three, Two, One, Blast into Spring

Spring blasted into my world today, spun around and left summer in its wake. Last weekend there was ice on the lake here in southern Ontario. Today the temperature reached 26 C.  (26 ºC = 78.8 ºF for anyone in the USA )

Early spring crocuses are in bloom. I am not sure how this crazy weather will affect my garden this year. I will take it day by day.

I took a few photos with a macro lens today to celebrate whatever season this is.



One... Blast into spring.

18 responses to “Three, Two, One, Blast into Spring

  1. Your crocus shines… I love those early spring flowers. 😉

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  3. Hello Maggie! Of all the flowers I would have to say that the crocus is one that gets me the most excited. To see those first green shoots pop out the ground, followed by those cheerful little messengers of Spring: the flowers themselves. I am thrilled by these pics of yours. You really have a knack for creating a stimulating image. 🙂 Happy Spring!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I’m jealous of your temperature out there. It is still pretty chilly here at max of 13C. 😉

  5. I’m in Oregon USA (Pacific Northwest) and we are usually in the 50F or less. You are quite warm. The crocus are beatuiful!

  6. 26C! Wow! While you were enjoying a blast of spring we were digging out after a blizzard!

  7. These are so beautiful! Crocuses have such happy little faces. 🙂

    I wonder how this strange weather will play out in the garden, too.

  8. beautiful spring flowers

  9. wow lovely shots!

  10. What beautiful photos! I love those sweet little “egg-shell-like” crocuses. Such a wonderful sign of spring! I must plant some. I love the shadows of the stamen (is that right?) on the petals. It reminds me of contemporary artwork.

    You finally got the warm weather..yay! And we are moving out of the 80’s on Friday. We’ll drop to the 50’s-60’s. I worry about our trees and plants that have bloomed in this June-like weather. But there’s nothing I can do about it! Enjoy your weather!

  11. such a gorgeous creamy white!

  12. those flowers are sooooooooo beautiful. wish i had one of those pics

  13. Yes, Spring/Summer came very early in the GTA this year 🙂

  14. Hi Maggie:

    Great photos! I too loved seeing all the crocuses blooming in shades of purple, yellow and white in people’s gardens around the neighbourhood.

    As Bob Dylan sang the times they are a-changin’…so cheers to spring!

  15. Nice concept with your post and great captures of the flowers. They look lovely.

  16. My crocus bloomed last week. They came, stayed two days and now they are gone. Glad to see yours.

  17. Love your photos – Happy Spring!

  18. The crocus always seem the first little flower to peek out and say ‘hello’ aren’t they. You know spring is right around the corner when they smile at you. 😉

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