What do Bears talk about?

“Bear watching” teaches us how bears interact in nature. We were in the beautiful Pukaskwa National Park of Canada on the shores of Lake Superior. It was in September of 2011. We stopped to photograph a couple of Black Bears.

The bear and her cub were just off the highway. We pulled over to snap a quick photo. They did not seem to mind the photo session and carried on as if we were not intruding on their day.

"Son, I know you are getting to be a big boy, but you still have to listen to your mother."

"Mamma, stop it, I am too big for the tickling game""

"did you hear something?"
"yes, son, I sense danger, run, go climb a tree."

" I found a tree, mamma."

"Higher, baby, climb higher... I know you are scared of heights but get over it and climb."

16 responses to “What do Bears talk about?

  1. talesfromagarden

    Love these photos! I adore black bears. Thanks for sharing!

  2. When I was young I lived on the shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota near the Canadian border. Great shots!

  3. Maggie, my Dear, it is posts such as this that just earned you the “Kreative Blogger” award. Please come on over to my site and pick up your award and the instructions when time allows. I just now posted the announcement.


  4. Cute bears! I love their dialogue! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. What an amazing treat for you to be there when the bears were out in the open! Thanks for sharing!

  6. How amazing! I can’t imagine just seeing bears beside the road it’s just so very special and your photos are great too, thanks!

  7. Now that put a smile on my face. Great post.

  8. I loved this post. It makes the bears look so sweet and gentle, which they probably are if you don’t mess with Momma bear’s cubs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I enjoyed reading the story to pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Love the pictures. Very nice that you added voices to their actions.


  11. that was very interesting

  12. The Bears talk a lot about getting into the playoffs.

  13. Great Post! I love these pictures.

  14. Love the photos. I grew up on the northern Minnesota shores of Lake Superior and we had a lot of black bears around. I loved watching them. We once had a cub in an apple tree in our yard and we lived right in the middle of town.

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