Sydney the Jumping Shepherd

It is Daylight Saving Time, the geese are returning home from their vacation and Sydney has a new spring in her step.

We put the leash on Sydney and walked to the lake to enjoy the sun.

The ice is melting in the creek.

The ice on Lake Simcoe is starting to melt.  All the fish huts have to be removed from the lake by March 15th, but I worry that it is already unsafe. There have already been a few ice rescues and sadly some tragedies.

help...the ice is sinking.

Luckily, it is not deep at this spot. Sydney was able to scramble out and shake off the icy water.

I found a stick.. please play with me.

Sydney loves to jump to grab the stick.

Sydney can jump high

She loves the game and will keep it up for a long time.

13 responses to “Sydney the Jumping Shepherd

  1. I enjoyed all of Your photos, but next to last and last one photo they are awesome.

  2. Beautiful pictures… especially the one of the creek. I loved that one. Keep on shooting. You do it well.

  3. I love that Sydney has a SPRING in her step! It is Spring! And I am glad she was ok when the ice gave way. The last snap is awesome Maggie!

  4. Sydney appears to be having a great time playing. I love seeing happy, well cared for critters. It kind of makes my day. 😉

  5. Sydney is enjoying a spring day and so are we here in Pittsburgh, Pa where the temperature was 66 degrees on Sunday. I especially love the photo of Lake Simcoe.


  6. Seems Sydney is part Kangaroo !

  7. 🙂 Spring is on its way in Norway, too. It will be so nice to light the grill and enjoy the outdoors again.

  8. I love that: “the geese are returning and Sydney has a new spring in her step”…is the new spring in her step because of the geese? Does she like to play chase? Or just because the weather is warmer? 😉

    Beautiful photos. I think we might get a little spring this week with temps all week in the 60’s to 70. Rain though. But we can use some warmth!

  9. Daylight saving in the UK and Europe is at the end of the month, but here in British Columbia we changed this weekend. A bit confusing for an Anglophile!!! Still I am now enjoying the longer evenings.
    I love your dog. All that energy!!!!

  10. looks like sydney is having a good spring day! Put the camera down and join in!

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