Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

For this weeks challenge, I thought I would post a few photos I took last summer while on an extended roadtrip. These photos emphasize a contrast in size.

The largest Dump Truck in the world

We crossed the border from Alberta into BC and arrived in a beautiful little town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, in the southeast corner of the province. Sparwood is a small coal mining town on the Elk River. They have lots of scenic hiking and mountain biking trails in the area and lots of opportunities to enjoy the water. You can spend your time either fishing, kayaking or canoeing in the Elk Valley. Sparwood is also home to the largest tandem-axle dump truck in the world! Built by General Motors of Canada, the 1974 Terex Titan – all 350 tonnes, 66 feet and 3,300 Horse Power of it – lives in Sparwood, Home of the Titan. Two Greyhound buses and 2 pickups can fit into the box!

These photos of the Titan show how small we are in contrast to this Monster truck. I am 5’6″ and my husband is 6’3″ tall, yet we are dwarfed beside the wheels of this dump truck.

Can the driver see me down here?

30 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. Titan – An appropriate name for that vehicle!

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  3. Imagine having this rumble through a town near you!

  4. Very funny. I couldn’t imagine a truck that big. Looks too much for one person to drive, you’d need about 10.

  5. What a great submission for contrast!! That truck is insane! And to think your hubby is 6ft 3!!!!

  6. That’s a beast and a half! Good idea for contrast 🙂

  7. The complete opposite of toy dump trucks 🙂 Great entry!

  8. Awesome! Looks like something dropped off from Land of the Giants!

  9. Northern Narratives

    Great photos. The equipment used for mining is huge.

  10. I don’t think AAA will come to the rescue for a flat on this baby

  11. Wow that’s huge!!!
    Excellent take on the theme!

  12. Glad I don’t have to parallel park that thing! A super choice for Contrast, Maggie! Love those photos!

  13. Why do they employ such tiny men to drive those big lorrys.

  14. Great pictures! Our son is a heavy duty mechanic in northern Alberta and gets to work on these monstrous things. They have a pic of their then 4 yr old son sitting in one of the wheel wells of one of the trucks, looking the size of a bug. 🙂

  15. Beautiful Entry for contrast 🙂

  16. How startling to witness the extreme size of these machines … only revealed by your clever interpretation of this week’s them, CONTRAST! Looks like you are having a much fun in this ‘retirement’ phase of your life as I am.

  17. “Contrast in size” is a real understatement. I was not expecting something this BIG! Fun.

  18. My grandson would be in awe…and so excited to be in that situation…How neat! ~mkg

  19. WOW! What a hugh truck. I would had to be responsible for driving this truck. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.


  20. These trucks are absolutely HUGE!!!

  21. That’s one very BIG truck! Amazing…very big contrast. I don’t think the driver could see you 🙂 Where is he seated anyway?

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  23. Imagine driving one of those, I’d like to have a go!

  24. wow. i wish I could pose with that Truck. It’s very awsome. thanks so much for sharing, Maggie:)

  25. I would hate to ask how much it costs to fill up the gas tank on that huge puppy. Ditto for the price of tires. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any vehicle that large before. You guys must have a lot of hauling that needs to be done in your neck of the woods. How do you get inside? It almost looks like you’d either need a forklift, a ladder, or an elevator to get in the cab. Amazing.

  26. Now that’s a contrast!

  27. Wow! That is a contrast! Hate to see that on some road.

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