Sunday Post: Colorful

Actually the proper spelling is Colourful. That aside, I will post my entry for the Sunday Challenge. Four of my grandchildren came for a visit this afternoon. Nearby, we have a lovely little park, so we bundled up and went for a bit of play. The park has very colourful equipment and I enjoyed taking photos there this afternoon.

Animal Attack

Sarah playing on the ramp

Emily looks through the giant circles

Snow Alligator

29 responses to “Sunday Post: Colorful

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  2. The giant circle is an eye-catcher.

  3. I found you through Anglinem’s blog. I love all the colors. They are brightening up my morning already.


  4. What a spirit, eventhough it’s cold, they still had fun playing. Lovely shots.

  5. Northern Narratives

    I really like the photo with the giant circles.

  6. That first one is so cute. Love all the colors.

  7. I love the snow alligator! 🙂 Wonderful contrast of color against the snow.

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  9. I too love color and this series made me smile! Perfect!

  10. Haha, you say colour, i say color, depends on what side of the ocean. 😉 Beautiful colorful images, thanks for sharing.

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  12. Great shots, full of color! Fitting entry for the week’s theme. Sweet pics of your grandbabies. 😉

  13. I love the colour in these photos. So surprising on such a white day.

  14. I would say that’s color!

  15. Wow it all looks so vibrant against the snow, great photos for Jakes challenge and a fun afternoon, how perfect!

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  17. Hi Maggie,
    So lovely to connect with you! Thank you for visiting my Sunday Post…I think we are on the same page about many things. 🙂
    Love the photos of your grandchildren…what an AWESOME playground!!!!!
    I’ll be flying to New Hampshire in April to spend a week with my 3 year old grandson…reading, crafting, cooking, walking, playing…and just being with him. 🙂 🙂

  18. I especially enjoyed the Snow Alligator. Nice pictures, and it looks like a nice time.

  19. I love those primary colors against the snow!

  20. I agree… I always include the “u” too!

  21. I love it….such a wonderful time with your grandchildren, and the park is perfectly full of colorful objects. Such a nice combination! Great post!
    Thanks for the pingback Maggie!

  22. Great Entry my friend full of colors 🙂

  23. I think the snow makes the colors of the playground equipment stand out even more. I love the shot with the circles.

  24. I love these photos! The snow makes the playground look even brighter and more colourful 🙂

  25. You are a good speller! I miss those ‘u’s The light in your joyful photos of your grandchildren and snow is lovely.

  26. Very colorful and how nice to spend a snowy sunny afternoon with your grandchildren! Can’t help but smile at your header 🙂

  27. Maggie,
    Thanks for the pinback. You and your grandkids are brave, I can’t get mine to go out in sunny 40 degree weather. The photos are colourful (I agree with the spelling). My mum was born in Montreal and when she taught me to spell she used British spellings. I had a heck of a time when I started school and even now at age 53 I still question my spelling.
    Ta Ta for now Cathy the Bagg Lady!

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