Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

I love to go barefoot. The feel of the sand between my toes as I walk along a beach, always gives me a sense of freedom. I enjoy being barefoot so much, I took a few pictures looking DOWN at the beach last summer.

I was in Northern Ontario, walking along a beach in Pukaskwa National Park on Lake Superior. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face and eases my stress.

Remembering the sand between my toes.

 I remember with delight the feel of the waves swirling around my bare feet. You do too.. and you love it too… don’t you?

the refreshing waves swirling across my toes.

I even still picture myself walking at the shore.

Looking down at my shadow.

The rocks at the waters edge are worn smooth by the pounding of the waves.

 Today, I took another picture looking down.

Is that salt? Are those Bubbles? Is she crazy?


I went outside in the snow, BAREFOOT !! It is invigorating.. and very cold. Not quite as relaxing as walking in the sand. Not as relaxing as letting the warm water of summer trickle between my toes.

Even Sidney came to check out why I was walking in the snow without my boots.

What are you doing?

20 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. barefoot is great.. in snow.. perhaps not.. that will change to cooling green grass soon enough.

  2. Before taking off my shoes and going barefoot on the beach, I have to make sure that the beach is clean. I’m picky about going barefoot, hahaha.

  3. Love walking on the beach. Not so sure about barefoot in the snow though.

  4. That’s a very wonderful and fun photos Maggie! 🙂

  5. nice “barefoot” images!

  6. Love your images Maggie! And thank you for the follow! Look forward to browsing your archives as well 🙂

  7. Such contrasts here. Thank you that you endured the experience and not me!!! Lovely story behind the photos.

  8. You made me shiver when I saw your feet in the snow. C-c-c-cold!

  9. Ah, walking barefoot is one of my favorite things. I used to walk barefoot in the grass outside, till a spider bit my foot and I got sick. When I step foot in the door of my house, those shoes come off, though. And yes, when visiting the beach, I lose the shoes. Love the comforting sand between my toes.

  10. Great post. Really beautiful one. Your last picture, brought a smile on my face. The feeling of walking on the sand barefoot, is something different and wonderful; but I am not sure about walking on the snow. I have never experienced that one.

  11. How fun! Totally loving the whole barefoot thing. You were brave to go out in the snow…Great post.

  12. Oh yes, I will take barefoot on the beach. I love standing in the sand when the water rushes up and swirls around my feet taking some of the sand underneath back out. Beautiful golden sand. I don’t think I could do the snow Maggie!

  13. I love walking barefoot too, in fact, I hardly wear shoes except when I’m going into town. I think I’d draw the line at being barefoot in the snow though, brrr, don’t want to get chilblains!
    Great entry for the challenge Maggie!

  14. Now you just need a photo of you walking on hot coals….. That was a joke, not a challenge:)
    Seeing all the sand reminded me of Kaizen asking me how many stars there are in the Universe. The estimate is roughly the same as the estimated number of grains of sand on the Earth. When I try to think about how much sand is on the earth and how far apart each star is, my brain hurts!
    Something to ponder next time your barefoot in the sand!

  15. Great post….cute toes 🙂

  16. I love walking by the beach too, bare footed with the sand against my skin and the waves caressing the soles of my foot….just total relaxation and comfort. Beautiful photos…..

  17. We should all try to leave good footprints. Such that others would delight in stepping into as well.

  18. I can do barefoot on the beach, no problem. But in the snow? No thank you. In the winter, I have to keep my feet warm or the rest of me freezes too. Signed, the wimp! 🙂

  19. Ok, until I got to the snow part, I was sure we must be related! I absolutely love going barefoot and there’s no better place than on a sandy beach but snow? I’m not so sure about that! On the other hand, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Right?

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