Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I have given a lot of thought to this weeks challenge. Asking myself the question: what do I regret? There are a lot of things that have happened to me that I regret, but I did not have any control so I am not responsible.  I wanted to think of a choice I made. The biggest regret I have is the choice to smoke. I was only 18. Not an excuse, just a fact. In those days, it was the non-smokers that were the minority. stupidly, I wanted to fit in. I soon became addicted and smoked for too many years. I quit about 15 years ago, but not soon enough. My lungs have been permanently damaged. I have to live with COPD. I must take an inhaler every day or I struggle to breathe. I still live life to the fullest, I exercise daily, love hiking, canoeing and am training to run a 5km race. Yet I do regret smoking and damaging my lungs. When I get a cold, it often leads to further complications like pneumonia and that is not fun.

This is not a pretty picture but I think It looks like a picture of me with my head hanging down in regret

31 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

  1. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog this evening. I had a great time and hope I left my campsite clean enough for your next visitor.

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  3. The power of words unleashed in your post. Valiant!

  4. Absolutely share this regret with you and so sorry to hear about your COPD. I only have to think about cigarettes etc and my chest tightens. Hope the winter is kind to you and all best to you for good health!

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  6. Some regrets are meant to be. Sorry about your condition, I hope you’ll get stronger each day. Nice story behind the picture. I salute you for quiting.

  7. A really honest post for this week’s challenge, with a important message .

  8. Yikes Maggie! Very cool photo to go with your words and challenge. Glad you quit when you did. Margie

  9. Great shot Maggie. I can see the image of a person in the smoke with their head hanging down~head, an arm, two legs. I am glad you quit Maggie but sorry you have COPD. Not fun, my Mom lived with emphysema. I’m happy to hear that you are living a happy life full of hiking, running, and an active lifestyle. You are a determined lady!

  10. You have me thinking that some of what smoking is about … is the visual – I like your capture of light in the whisps of smoke against dark backdrop. I’m not a smoker, but used to leave board meetings in my office (where five others smoked) with a noticeable nicotene enriched buzz … the argument was that it was a cultural thing. Cough, cough. And, I wouldn’t sleep for hours. Well done, on sharing that which is regrettable ….

  11. I am glad you quit smoking Maggie and that you enjoy doing things which will help you stay fit and healthy…

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  13. At least you quit Maggie. Congratulations on quitting!

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  15. I’m with Carl, I thought it was a photo posting the regret of being a smoker.
    Great shot ….

  16. Perfect for this week’s challenge. I’m so glad that you keep active and alive!

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  21. Ronnie@Hurtledto60

    How very honest of you to write that. My father used to be a heavy smoker (60 a day) He gave up about 40 years ago and fortunately seems to be quite healthy even at 87. My mother, however, has never smoked but suffers from COPD from having been a “passive” smoker. At least you are fit and doing lot of exercise, keep it up. X

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  23. Maggie,
    A thoughtful post on the subject regret and congratulations overcoming one of the hardest addictions. I’m trying to think of a lesson here instead of regretting the time you spent smoking, I think maybe you value life more now than if you didn’t have the damage left by smoking. Also, you become a valued teacher to anyone who is struggling to quit. Thank you for sharing.

  24. nerdshirtsandcardigans

    This is a beautiful post and an amazing image! I just recently quit smoking, before had for about 7 years very consistently. I quit when I found out I was pregnant, and while I wanted to start again after the loss of the pregnancy, I stuck with it. Feel better, smell better, and have way more money then I know what to do with! The future will tell what effects my body will show from the damage to my lungs, but presently, am so much happier with how I feel! I commend you for 15 years! So many times I keep wondering when my resolve will fall, but so far I’ve been good at it. The cold snowy winter has helped though lol, since I do not want to go outside!

  25. I know how it feels to struggle with your breathing. I was asthmatic since senior year in high school. At one point the hospital felt like a home due to frequent visits. I wish and pray for a better health for you. Dramatic photo with a story to tell and learn…

  26. But the important part is that you quit!

  27. Hi Maggie, This is a really appropriate post for regret. I’m sure anyone that smokes/smoked regrets every starting/have started. Congrats on successfully quitting.

  28. I see the vision. The irony is that it is smoke right?

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