Music in Mistaya Canyon

As we drove toward Banff along the Icefield Highway, we discovered a short hike to a canyon. The hike through the forest did not prepare us for the amazing sight of the Mistaya Canyon.

The slot canyon, narrow and deep is carved through limestone.

There are no fences holding back visitors from enjoying the beautiful sight. The wet rocks are dangerous, so I was cautious as I walked along the ridge. I felt drawn to the edge.

standing on the edge

I peered over the cliff to see the water far below. The water churned and crashed through the canyon. There were many potholes formed in the rocks over time, formed by smaller rocks caught in the swirling waters.

Large potholes carved in the rock

The water far below came in waves and sometimes splashed high up the canyon walls.

Far below the water is churning

the churning water splashes high once in a while



I sat amazed at the height the water splashed.

There were no other people around. I sat on the edge and listened. The music of the canyon filled my soul. It was the same song that has been heard by the trees for thousands and thousands of years. It is a song of power and might. A song that tells of the strength of the water, strength so mighty, the rock must give way.

Listen to the music of the ages.

I can feel the presence of God in the canyon. He speaks to me through the music of the canyon and I am blessed.

The music echoes from the walls of Mistaya Canyon

26 responses to “Music in Mistaya Canyon

  1. Just a perfect kind of place to forget about time and everything!!! =)

  2. How utterly awesome!! Views like these can really put things in perspective ..there is so much more to life than our small egocentric selves!

  3. Natural rock formations, what wind and rain can do to the pallet called Earth is utterly amazing!

  4. Maggie, I can almost hear the song of the canyon you described here. The place looks amazing and your photos captured it so well. I’m sure one would feel close to nature and to God in this place, as you said. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This looks like a beautiful place… and the pictures are fascinating.

  6. Maggie these photos are stunning !!

  7. Wonderful! Isn’t God amazing???

  8. Maggie…your photos are stunning! You have captured such beauty here. Your words speak of wonderful moments of stillness, peace and listening to the “music of the canyon”. I love this post and your awesome photos.

    My husband and I just sat down with the map trying to figure out how we missed this gorgeous spot off the Icefield Hwy! We did several short hikes along the way from Banff to Jasper and back, but not this lovely spot! We’ve got Mistaya Canyon on our list for our next trip! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. This is stunning. What a beautiful place!

  10. OH, what splendor! Nature is beautifully captured with your wonderful photography. And your words paint the pictures of wonder, beauty and awe. Thank you for this trip. I feel as if I’ve been there, thanks to you.

  11. I really enjoy your description of what you saw, heard and felt. I envy you to be in that wonderful place. Awesome pictures!
    Thanks for your visit, Maggie.


  12. Stunning photos!

  13. Absolutely wonderful, what a place and how great to come across it. I’m not sure of the scale though.

  14. You’ve outdone yourself Maggie. The texture you’ve captured in the rocks is breathtaking and magnificent. Too, your description of the water’s power to overcome the rock’s shapes over time mimics my thoughts before reading the text. I love the ever changing portraits of Mother Nature in all of her glory. Think of the time it must have taken for the water to finally erode a hole(s) in the rocks. Thank you for sharing these photos, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the textures, patterns, and shapes in each shot.

    • Thanks for the visit and for taking the time to comment. It is encouraging when fellow bloggers take the time to appreciate a post.

      • Believe me, it was my pleasure. I honestly enjoy closeups of any type of natural element. The actual rocks that you posted may never been seen in person by many of us, but we’ve still had the pleasure of admiring their beauty through your pictures. I take a lot of those close up shots myself, so it is nice to see other people doing the same. I appreciate your sharing the pictures.

  15. Absolutely stunning Maggie! What a beautiful place on earth! Delightful words put together to make an awesome post πŸ™‚

  16. Beautiful photos. The Banff area and Canadian Rockies are one of my favorite places.

  17. Really awesome…you captured nature’s beauty …that’s for sure~mkg

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures!


  19. What wonderful photos. You’ve done an incredible job of capturing the beauty.

  20. Thanks for sharing these beautiful words and pictures.

  21. Miami is just litter, litter-third world immigrants have just trashed this place. It is comforting to know there are pure and pristine things somewhere. Here even the people are polluted.

    • This world is full of beauty, but the most beautiful thing in the world are humans of every race, every colour, every nation. It is sad when a few have ruined a place for the rest to enjoy.

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