Why do burrs stick to fur?

Walking with the dog today, we were in the fields at Sibbald Point Park. Sidney found some burrs. After pulling them off her coat, I had a chance to take a few photos with my Macro lens.

Can a burr look soft?

I love the little hooks on the spikes

Using a macro lens, gives me a closer look at why a burr sticks to everything.

I was careful so nothing stuck to me.

14 responses to “Why do burrs stick to fur?

  1. I really enjoy seeing everything so close up!
    did you know that burrs were the inspiration for velcro? the inventor of velcro was walking through a field and began reuminating on the possible benefits of re-creating the attaching qualities of burrs.

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  3. These are beautiful pictures! I’ve become really fascinated with some burs we’ve got down in our woods lately. Wild licorice, I believe it is. I know they always say to check your dogs’ coats for burs when you go out walking but I can barely look after myself — I barely brushed by these things and all of a sudden I had about a dozen burs the size of my thumb stuck all over my scarf.

    Anyway, enough complaining. They really are beautiful, as you’ve brought out in these pictures. Love how you can even see the minute little hooks at the end of the spines. The balance of sharp and soft is really neat, too!

  4. awesome macro photos…so soft and charm

  5. That was a great idea to photograph those!


  6. Great shots of minute detail that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Thank you for sharing your discovery!

  7. Amazing macro photos, so life -like I can feel the spikes on my skin. Beautiful…just beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  8. The little spikes stick to animals coats and then drop of somewhere and the seed will come out in days to start another plant.

  9. Enjoy your photos and looking forward to see more.


  10. Beautiful ~ I am not a nature photographer and I am always amazed at how beautiful you guys can make the simpliest thing look.

  11. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the link back to my blog. I love your macro shots. Thanks for your encouragement. here’s to learning so much more, and for beautifully detailed photography of all that is wonderful in nature.
    Following your blog now.

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