Weekly Photo Challenge: random

No photo challenge? I will not be stopped. I have decided to call it “Random” and post anyway. I hope you enjoy.

Last summer, we travelled along the “Top of The World” highway between Alaska and the Yukon. Near the border, is the small settlement of boundary Alaska. Population 3.

The welcome sign is painted on the big old oil drum.

 Near the road is an old log building. It was the store in the years when Boundary was a thriving mining community. We met the entire “village” and they allowed us to explore and photograph the store.

The log store.We went inside to find there were a lot of artifacts.


An old cash register. A little worse for wear.


The piano longs to be played once more. I love the three legged stool.


This looks like the stove I learnt to cook on, back in the day. No wonder I have never liked to cook.


The back door. You can see the dirt road (the highway) in the background.


Nearby, is a small cafe. We enjoyed a coffee and muffin served by Adam.

Open for business.

The inside was small, a table for four and a counter. 

Waiting for the coffee to brew. The walls are covered with business cards and an assortment of "treasures" of all kinds.

43 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: random

  1. Thank you for posting this – it is a real treat to see such a wild looking cabin in the state of Alaska and for some reason it really appeals – perhaps because it is a shelter none the less – love your blog – Alison

  2. Great collection. Love the vintage stove and cash register.

  3. Your photo’s bring back a lot of memories from Growing Up in Montana and going into the backwoods. My great aunt lived on the old homestead and no electricity or running water. We use to go out and take her water. She kept a rain barrel on the back porch. We never stayed after dark cause of the kerosene lamps. Dad wanted us home. Back country is certainly different than city life. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and sharing. The stove reminded me of my grandmother’s.

  4. Wish I owned that piano. It would get played once more.

  5. Good grief, Maggie. I was here before. I knew it as soon as I clicked on the blog. I have no idea why I didn’t comment or click “Like” because I do like all of the photos! I really like them!

    Thank you for visiting me. I will be back.

  6. What a pleasant walk down memory lane. Your photographs mimic many of those in my own collection, especially the buildings. I tend to take a lot of pictures of the old buildings that will not forever stand. Future Generations should not be denied the beauties of yesterday. The country store scene takes me back to a store from my own childhood where the community residents would play checkers by a pot bellied stove. Even then, the hometown atmosphere of the authentic country stores were fading. Some things are worthy of preservation. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. Love the grass growing on the roof of the log store. What a beautiful little town! Would love to take a coffee break in Boundary, Alaska.

  9. I love the idea…and the impressive photo. I wondered what happened when I checked the photo challenge last Friday…life must go on right? With a blast too!

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  11. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    Great shots!! These are places like I love to visit. Hugs

  12. I like the old piano. Nice pictures. It could apply to ready, you were ready to find the old treasures you found.

  13. Wonderful shots. It would be interesting to see photos 2, 4, 5. and 6 in B&W, considering their subject matter.

  14. great post and pics and love the traveling along. thanks for your random sharing.

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  16. I love that log store.

  17. I love the piano! Thanks for the share 🙂

  18. thanks for sharing this wonderful place …what a lot of stories could be told! thanks also for your initiative … i am joining in too http://wp.me/p296YA-1S

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  20. Thank you for visiting my blog, dear Maggie, I am so glad to meet with you and with your blog. Between Alaska and Yukon seems so interesting, Alaska one of my dreams to visit. Who knows when! Your photographs are so beautiful, seems so nostalgic… I loved this old piano… Beautiful shots. Thank you for sharing with us, it would be so nice to be your new follower. With my love, nia

  21. What an amazing journey! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love the old cabin and equipment.
    A photo contest on the Darkjade blog if you want to have a look.


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  24. PS….I just posted “Random” too. 😉 Thanks for the idea!

  25. Great pictures! We drove the Top of The World highway a number of years ago, and loved the scenery and rough and tumble life there.
    I was wondering where to photo challenge went, though I never get around to doing it until Monday, so I don’t mind the delay!

  26. I’ve also been waiting for the next photo challenge, but I like that you didn’t wait. 🙂 It looks like an interesting road stop and a look into history. Thanks for the pingback too!

  27. I love the history of people that this portrays…a part of all of us! Wonderful pictures!~mkg

  28. Maggie, these are great! And I think I will follow your lead… in fact, I just got a new camera and random photos are the best way to figure out how it all works. I will see what I come up with this weekend…

  29. I love that you went ahead and posted! I kept thinking I had not received an email. I may do the same if they don’t come through in the next minute!! haha…
    Great photos. The highway really is DIRT? What an experience!
    Love all the tchotchkes in the buildings!

  30. Great photos! Looks like a wonderful place to have found. I thought I had not gotten the email for the weekly photo challenge! I knew one of the people I followed would give me a clue 🙂

  31. Reblogged this on Exploration Art and commented:
    You just have to check these out!
    PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL BLOGGERS POSTS. They were kind enough to let me share this wonderful article with you.

  32. These are absolutely fantastic! Reminds me of the trips we have taken west, Western United States, that is.

  33. Great pictures. I used to have an old wood stove like the one in the picture. I think more smoke leaked into our house than went up the chimney.

  34. Oh wow Maggie. A little corner of the world for sure. Glad you decided to post anyway too! Hugs, Margie


  35. I’ll use the image above and the link below
    to invite to join our weekly A-Z photo challenge

  36. that’s good, to make it alone!

  37. Maggie these are brill photos, what a great place to stumble upon.
    I’ve taken up you random challenge along with Margies, here.

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  39. I agree. I would love to go there and photograph it as well. Love subjects and things with a history.


  40. What a fantastic old place to see and photograph – a blast from the past indeed!

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