This is not a Ground Hog

Here comes February and the famous ground-hog is the focus everywhere. Eyes are on this weird little critter and we count on his skill as a weatherman. I have found the ground-hog is not as reliable as he used to be. There are many in service as “weather-hogs” across the world, none more famous than Phil. Perhaps they are tired, perhaps they needs some further training., upgrading to keep up with the times. Maybe they need to retire.

I present to you a new option: the ground squirrel.  Similar, but fresh. An eager learner. Willing to work hard.

Cute and curious

Great communications skills... "Spring has sprung"

17 responses to “This is not a Ground Hog

  1. So cute, nice capture!! Great idea as well!

  2. Oh, dear Maggie, how I love squirrels… And to take their pictures is my dream. But last summer I took at the end in UK. To be honest not beatiful as yours… Your photographs fascinated me. How lovely you captured her. Thank you so much, with my love, nia

  3. Ground squirell is so cute. Nice picture.

  4. This is a fun post and I think Ground Squirrels would make great weather forecasters! Lovely photos

  5. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    I think you have a great idea and that little ground squirrel is a cutie. Hugs

  6. Oh I love this post! So clever and creative….you gave me my laugh of the day!
    I agree! Time for the ol’ ground hog to retire. Let’s start a campaign to have the Ground Squirrel our New Animal Weather Predictor! Hurrah!

  7. It’s called a Uinta Ground Squirrel….I looked it up. Related to marmots and prairie dogs.

  8. HI Maggie, i have called at last to subscribe to your blog, its been weeks.

    Here’s a photo contest you might want to enter at the darkjade blog.

  9. Tack sharp, really nice.

  10. I loved this post Maggie, good idea to use a squirrel instead of a groundhog! 🙂 Also thanks so much for the mention of my post and the pingback, it was very kind of you. 🙂

  11. Cute! Yes, they are always busy. I don’t think they hybernate.


  12. I’m enjoying browsing your posts! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I’m confused! we don’t have groundhogs so I’ve never seen one, but this doesn’t look like any squirrels I’ve seen either?

    • A ground squirell is probably closer to a ground hog or a gopher, just smaller. They dont climb trees either (I think) I dont know much about them but I took this critters photo in Yellowstone National Park when we visited the US last summer. I was hoping to post a Ground-hog photo, but since I have never met a ground hog… I had to improvise.

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