Natures Ice Carving

I took this photo of a piece of ice. There are  a few flowers delicately carved by the hand of God into the ice. The colour is the sunset shining gloriously in the background. I cropped one of the photos of ice I posted yesterday. It is actually, the piece I am using for the header image. There is beauty is all around us, even in a cold piece of ice. Look closely or you may miss it.

7 responses to “Natures Ice Carving

  1. Great work!! Love the ice shot, very nice…

  2. Beauty lies in the molecule and the mountain. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Wow! That is amazing and just beautiful. The piece of ice in the header picture looks like a mountain. What wonderful colors. Hugs

  4. Lovely shot Maggie! Who would’ve thought to find beauty there? Thank you, I am seeing a different world from your lenses.


  5. That is just so beautiful!

  6. gorgeous! I’d pray for icy cold weather so it doesn’t melt…it’s so beautiful!

  7. I love the crop for your header, it works really well!

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