Ice Mountain on the Lake

On a normal Day in Late January, Late Simcoe will have trucks and snowmobiles travelling across it. There are usually countless fish huts dotting the lake. Not this year. It has been a mild winter. The water near the shore froze, but the high winds broke the ice and pushed the pieces toward the shore. Now there are chunks of ice sticking up all over making it hard to walk. In the sheltered parts of the Lake, the water has frozen once again. The patterns in the ice that are sticking up are beautiful.


We walked on the lake just before sunset, the colours adding to the drama.


Natures Lace


mountain majesty


Some ice mountains are rounded.


Ice like a thousand stars


The setting sun added colour to the snow and ice.




Sunset over Lake Simcoe

21 responses to “Ice Mountain on the Lake

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  2. Oh those photos are beautiful! I like the first photo. It really does appear as though lace is on the ice.

  3. That’s a nice set of little ice mountains. Some of them look like there’s light inside them.

    Steve Schwartzman

  4. Wow, these are absolutely amazing!

  5. Glorious!

  6. God is truly an artist…and very much into the details. I’ve never seen snow, nor ice crystals…so this is a great wonder to me. I love it Maggie…Next time soon, I’m going to the US in winter! LOL…


    • I am in southern Canada, in Ontario, which is actually south of some of the northern states. Snow is beautiful and you really should travel to somewhere to experience it. This year is most unusual,, I have green grass, instead of 3 feet of snow.

  7. I like the beautiful ice pictures. Nature makes amazing designs.

  8. I love the ice shapes! They are like diamond jewelry to me. (not that I have experience with diamonds!) They sparkle and light up like a million stars. You are so lucky to live on a lakeshore! Your photos are just stunning.

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  10. Wonderful photos! I always love how water adapts to it’s environment. It is fluid when it needs to move, light as air when it forms a cloud, but dense enough to fall when it is time.

  11. These photos are amazing – all those ice shots are spectacular! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful photography 🙂

  12. Awesome shots and love the POV you’ve chosen. My favorite in Mountain Majesty.

  13. Wonderful ice shapes! And the sunset was lovely too.

  14. Wonderful photos Maggie!

  15. Beautiful ice formations that’s even made more stunning with the inspiring sunset…..wonderful! Some of the formations reminds me of Shamu’s fins of Sea World breaking across the ice…

  16. Perfect timing Maggie, the rounded ‘mountain’ with the glow of sunset behind it it beautiful. And the sunset, wow magical light!

  17. I enjoyed your brilliant ice show. Thank you!

  18. Thanks for stopping my blog and liking my post. These are some great photos. I especially like the use of light and geometric shapes to create stunning highlights and lowlights. Keep up the good work.

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