Cyclamen and Ice

Just a few photographs for a Saturday night. I am still thinking of the Photo Challenge topic of Hope. The Cyclamen bud, waiting for its time to flower, to fulfill its purpose. Hoping to provide beauty for our enjoyment. I visited a friend and could not resist taking some shots of her beautiful Cyclamen. The first photo is along the walkway at our home. One of the bushes still has a few red berries, covered in ice. I hope you enjoy.

16 responses to “Cyclamen and Ice

  1. Well done compositions.Effective use of bokeh in the first image. The macro-close-up shows off the texture & detail of the petals.

  2. It’s so delicate and precious! You have captured it well….!
    Thanking God for the works of your hands…:o)


  3. One of the most beautiful flower shot I have ever seen . The black and red contrast is so vividly amazing…it’s like love and passion in the midst of darkness…of hope and light in the middle of chaos…inspiring in so many ways…thanks.

  4. Love the deep drama of the red, not to mention the ice sparkles!

  5. That first photo is beyond beautiful. Delicious.

  6. Beautiful photographs. It was just glorious. Great post.

  7. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    Gorgeous shots with great vivid colors. Very interesting shot with the buds and ice. Hugs

  8. Yes the red against the black looks amazing, beautiful plant, beautifully photographed!

  9. It’s just glorious, Maggie! The first photo looks like a crystal necklace! I love the dark background you got….it sets off that gorgeous red. Nothing like a shot of red in my opinion…! Great post!

  10. What a deep rich red in a gorgeous light. Beautiful color.

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