Hope, in the Face of Danger

Hope. A simple word to speak of our dreams, our desires.

We had a day filled with hope one day last summer. I have shared this story previously but I hope you enjoy it once again.  It started as an ordinary day. Our travels took us into the mountains between Lively and Barkerville in the BC interior. We hoped to drive to Barkerville on the scenic backroads. The old “Goldrush Trail”.

The hour was late. We found a wonderful free campsite at Ladies Lake. We had high hopes for a quiet evening in front of the campfire.

Hoping for a fire

The evening sky had cleared giving us hope of a sunny day to drive over the mountains.

Great hope for tomorrow.

The fire lit, we enjoyed a quiet evening watching the sun go down and listening to the loons.

We woke up early the next morning, anxious for the day ahead. We looked forward to each new day with great anticipation  as we travelled the country.  After breakfast, instead of hitting the road right away, we decided on a change of pace.  I tried my hand at panning for gold, hoping to strike it rich. We were in Gold rush country afterall.

Bored with sifting through the dirt, we were soon back on the road. A sign on the road scared me and I hoped we were not making a mistake.  There is a bit of confusion in the directions, still, we had hope.

74 km to where? Which way to Barkerville? and where is Grizzly Creek?

We hoped to be in Barkerville before dinner. More confusing signs. Then the rain started. What more could go wrong on this day that started with such hope, such promise

Oh no!

Deactivated? Really? Can they do that to a road?

A few kilometers along the “deactivated” road a bit of a problem blocked our way.

A tree slide?

After this, we were still hopeful. Then more trouble.

There is nothing we can't handle.

We had determination and hoped no more rocks would block our path. Troubles kept presenting themselves. Was this a sign? Should we turn around?

Hope won the day and we carried on… until…. trouble again. This time we could only hope. We were very close to our destination. We did not want to turn around now.

Half the road washed away. Was the remaining part still safe to drive on?

This time, our hope turned to prayers. Hope was not enough to keep our heavy van from causing the fragile road from crumbling beneath  our wheels. I looked over the edge. It was a very long way to the valley below.

Squeeze past the barriers.

God is good and the crumbling road held. The rain stopped and a rainbow of hope appeared in the sky.  Within a few minutes, we arrived “safe and sound”, back into civilization. Our hope renewed.

Hope renewed.

I have posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

23 responses to “Hope, in the Face of Danger

  1. Ahh…what a beautiful end shot in the sequence of the rainbow! isn’t nature just so beautiful? Absolutely stunning photo set of your journey and the story-“hoping” and overcoming the obstacles of your travels the whole way!!

  2. The photo’s of the lake and mountains are stunning. I just love rainbows…the promise of God’s covenant with His people. Enjoyed reading several of you blog posts. thanks for visiting mine.

  3. Nice series of yours I revisited because you hit the like button on my blog today. Thank you.

  4. Wow! You were lucky!

  5. (the same comment I left on my blog at their post)
    At 1st I didn’t see where they got the danger part from; then the second day of their travails- it was wrought with mostly dangerous and deadly road hazards, the kinds that if a sudden downpour came up while you/ they were a day or so on the other side, in the Twilight Zone, it may just have proved impossible to get back-at least by the same mens, by their car. Then it would have been the ultimate in dangerous adventures. And the hoofing it could’ve been something to tell the g’kids about, if they got out. It could have just as easily turned bad and wrong for these guys. Many people get lost and die in wilderness areas maybe less challenging than this place.
    This story and the pics are a must see. This was worse than some of the places I’ve taken my wife in the montains; but I had her squalling one night climbing a one lane road at about 40 degrees and 10 – 12 inches of snow on the dirt road. My Trail blazer did well, but we got to a place (yes, we didn’t know exactly where we were and it was getting late that night, looking for a place to turn around) where there was a large tree fallen/laying across the road. One side was straight down, the other, woods. I had to back up, well down for…. I think I’ll save this for another post, but my wife had about cried her tears out, was close to shock.
    Capn Richard
    Click on the link and check them out.

  6. How can you be in fear and shoot great pictures at the same time?
    The rainbow came at the right time…there are really signs everywhere.
    Glad everyone was safe….God is g-o-o-d!


  7. Great photo interpretations of hope Maggie! 🙂 I love the rainbow.

  8. Goodness!! That was an amazing outing with lots of perils and hope. Love all the pictures. Glad your hope did not fail and you made it back home safely. Hugs

  9. Exciting and great pictures of your continued hope Maggie! Hope for tomorrow, where would we be without it? You do some very cool things Maggie~Life isn’t just passing you by!

  10. Being a hiker myself, I know what sort of danger lurking in the wilderness.

  11. That’s quite a day filled with hope, fears, and joy at the end. I love the rainbow photo! Great Job! Thanks for the pingback too..

  12. Wow. what a day indeed. Such a beautiful set of photographs you have there… Looks like a risky drive for that one where the other part was washed away…

  13. Glad you made it through the ‘deactivated’ road! Nail biting stuff!
    The rainbow shot is full of hope …..

  14. Great post! And thanks for the “like” 🙂

  15. Wow…. what a day! You are a great storyteller! “There is nothing we can’t handle.” I believe that! Your firm faith, belief in a good ending, and your strong Hope helped get you through that crazy day! (not to mention great driving skills) Wonderful photos! Thanks for coming to my blog!

  16. Thank God you arrived safe and sound! I love the ‘Hope Renewed’ picture.

  17. You are very brave and let hope win the day.

  18. Phew you had me on the edge of my seat, hope you found a different route home!

  19. “Great hope for tomorrow” & the rainbow shot are spectacular!

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