Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

The first evening, the Volendam sailed toward Alaska on the inside passage. We could see the snowy mountains in the distance. I stayed on deck, enjoying the peace in the crisp salty air.
The small islands marched into the distance like shadows fading into the sky.
Just a few other passengers braved the evening air, I felt I had the deck to myself and I was happy to be alone to enjoy the scene in peace.
As the sun sank toward the horizon, it cast a warm glow on the empty deck chairs.
The sky turned from blue to gold, a promise for adventure.

On the quiet deck of the cruise ship I found a wonderful peace. The stress of life slipped away.

Alone on the deck, the evening fell gently and settled like a blanket of peace over my soul.

31 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

  1. I guess now I don’t have to spend the money to go on that cruise. Thanks for taking me along!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I really love your take on this challenge. I find myself at peace in these photos.


  4. Beautiful and peaceful photos! I want to relax in those deck chairs.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful shots

  6. One word: gorgeous!

  7. This is a trip I would really like to take!

  8. The light in the pictures as the sun went lower is just amazing. It feels like a very peaceful voyage. I like the two pictures of the deck chair, because they give me a new perspective. A great little essay told in pictures.

  9. The sea always gives a calm and peaceful feeling in the evenings and having the deck chairs to yourself must have been really peaceful!!

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  11. For a moment, I felt that I was part of the cruise ship, gazing towards the calming blue sea, watching the golden sunset, witnessing the transition of day to night, of breathing the healing scent of the sea, of sitting still and just enjoying life. Thanks for todays inspiration.

  12. Very very nice set. I love your perspective on the deck top images!

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  14. very beautiful! thanks for sharing.

  15. Beautiful pictures! I’m curious, what camera did you use to take out the sunset (#6)? Mine can’t handle that amount of light that well.

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  18. Beautiful colors. I love the sun hitting the canvas of the deck chairs and the color created there.

  19. Awesome photos – I love the one with the gold-rimmed cloud and now I’ve just noticed that you have used it for your header!

  20. Awesome photos, Maggie! I especially love the second one. I don’t have depth vision so anytime a photo captures the sense of depth the way that one does, it fascinates me.

  21. Awesome photos!! I love the sunset it’s breathtaking! 🙂

  22. great shots all of them but the second really grabs me!

  23. Nice set of photos Maggie! I really like the one with the layers of shadowed islands – and the sunset is magnificent!

  24. I could feel the “aloneness” in the scenes and the world slipping away.

  25. Beautiful peacefull pictures, all! The sunset~awesome! I particularly like the shot of the wood handled lounge chairs. Cool snap.

  26. Lovely shots! Some really stunning sunsets!

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  28. That must have been a peaceful moment. The second photo of the small islands marching into the distance is stunning.

  29. These photos look very peaceful!

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