My Day 1 Healthy Dinner is Served

I wanted a simple meal tonight, it is just the two of us. I am not a gourmet cook, in fact, using the word “cook” and “Maggie” in the same sentence usually also includes the word “lousy”. With my resolution to eat healthy, I decided on an omelette.

scramble the eggs

I chopped some red pepper, sliced some zuccini and celery, and added some chopped bok choy and sauted them all  in a bit of olive oil. Using these colourful veggies, I would cover some of  the vitimins I need for the day. My plan is coming together nicely. My problem is my husband. How do I disguise the “Bok Choy”?  I could hear the words..”What is this green stuff?” said in a most disgruntled tone.  I know that I am “in it to win it”. I am going to eat healthy.  If he wants, he can always make  PB+J sandwiches for himself. It is my resolution after all.

saute the veggies in olive oil

I put the quinoa (keen-wa) on to cook. It cooks just like rice but is far healthier. It is important to get enough fibre and to eat healthy whole grains. Quinoa is a great choice.  In 1/4 cup I will get 3 gms of fibre and 5 gms of protein.

Quinoa is ready

I added a can of cooked tomatoes to the quinoa. Cooked tomatoes contain lycopene, which is one of the most potent antioxidants. Dietary intake of tomatoes and tomato products containing lycopene has been shown to be associated with a decreased risk of chronic diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. I need all the help I can get and I love tomatoes.

Quick and easy… dinner is served.

Dinner is served

I really enjoyed it and yes, he did ask “what is that green stuff”? But, he has a cold and his taste buds are out of service, so he thinks he “likes” bok choy… (yeah I win one.)

15 responses to “My Day 1 Healthy Dinner is Served

  1. That looks delicious.

  2. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    That looks so good and that omelet is beautiful. Good job! Hugs

  3. Omelettes are an enticing way to get veggies. I love omelettes and I think the veggies just taste better that way! I can actually find quinoa in our rural bit of country 🙂 You are doing great Maggie. I have a meat and potatoes man. He eats the healthy stuff I fix at home and then gets his bad food fix here and there when he runs errands! We had homemade vegetable soup last night but we had a brat for lunch-oops. We went to a very German town 🙂 Love the header! A new name for the blog?

  4. I have never tried Quinoa. I’ve been hearing a lot about it so I may try to find it and cook it.

    Don’t feel badly about your cooking skills (or lack thereof). I’m the same way but trying to do better. My husband is the much better cook. When our kids were younger and I would start cooking their lament was ‘Oh, MOM! You’re not gonna try to COOK are you?” Yeah, they really did….

  5. Go Maggie, you can do it! A great way to start off the new year. I love breakfast any time of day so this works for me! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You have a lovely space here and I enjoyed reading your “about”. Margie

  6. Way to go on your resolution!…and it looks delicious to me…My husband would say,”Make me a sandwich!”…

  7. Your photos are great. Your foods make my tummy growl. 🙂

  8. Your omelette looks delicious!
    I’ve never heard of quinoa – do you get it in a health food shop or the supermarket? It looks like couscous.

    • I bought this is my local supermarket, it is organic (although you can get the non-organic variety). Quinoa has become quite popular thnaks to the likes of Dr Oz.

  9. I just saw on a cooking show that couscous has 6 gm of protein in 1 cup. Good for you for eating healthy.

  10. This is the most tasty looking omelet I’ve ever seen.

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