Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

50 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. Great hidden find. Wow, a bear.

  2. wow… I think I wouldn’t have such cold blood to be able to snap the photos

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  6. What a gift to see something such as this right before your eyes! Wow! So glad you captured this image and then shared it. : )

  7. I have a thing with animals. I so love them … the greens too. Simply, I love your photos for this week’s theme.

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  10. I am mute! I have not seen a bear ever. Your photos are terrific, wow.

  11. Great picture! I would have been screaming like a little school girl!! You were brave Maggie!!

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  13. He’s so adorable. Beautiful photo that brings a joyous surprise. Thank you…

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  15. Maggie- thanks for posting this photo and allowing us to connect –Marge

  16. That is awesome! I saw a bear going through trash one time… Not nearly as romantic as this one!

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  20. Fabulous! What a treat.

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  23. Totally envious of the encounter and the photos!!!

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  25. Wow! That’s a great hidden surprise!

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  27. What a surprise, and a cute one; however a bit intimidating.

  28. Oh a great surprise for you! Cool captures. 🙂

  29. What a great capture! 🙂

  30. I think it was a good idea to slowly back away. Great shot! Great opportunity!

  31. To someone living where the biggest and most dangerous wild creature is a fox this is fantastic, I would have been terrified!

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  33. Wonderful 🙂

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  35. good god, where did you come across this fellow. He sure was hidden.

  36. what an amazing encounter, Maggie.
    hope you have a good zoom on your camera 🙂
    and Hyder, AK brings back many memories of a long ago road trip with friends through Yukon all the way up to Alaska and back – which included a stop in Hyder! what a beautiful part of the world. we saw lots of bears then, too but none of them close enough to touch. thanks for sharing.

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  38. Not having bears where I come from, this is a nice trivia…Bears like berries.

  39. Great photo — and I’m thankful he was a FRIENDLY bear(!!)

  40. Awesome! What a beauty. I had an amazing experience following Lily the Black Bear and her cubs in MN the past few years. Learned a lot about the nature of black bears.

  41. Maggie, I love it! That must have been quite the surprise! Great choice.

  42. Northern Narratives

    What great photos for hidden!!!

  43. Oh, I love encounters like this. Great photos! 🙂

  44. Oh My you are close. I live in a National Forest and have seen many bears but never have I been this close.

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