Totems on Burnaby Mountain

Faces kissed by the setting sun

Totems stand facing the west overlooking Vancouver

Lucy enjoys the view

Silently watching, guarding.

The bear stands tall atop the highest pole.

12 responses to “Totems on Burnaby Mountain

  1. Great great great and great shots, Ma’am Maggie. Thank you for feeding my eyes with something as “delicious” as these photo!

  2. Wonderful totems. I envy You because I love them. 🙂

    Especially the last photo is just to my mind.

  3. Those children are adorable.
    And the totems! Such gorgeous pictures.

  4. Miranda Gargasz

    These are awesome! I am really enjoying your blog!

  5. Quite a striking scene. The totems look like giant chess pieces.

  6. Sublime!

  7. Awesome shots. Loved every one!

  8. Maggie,
    Great shots – Love the bear but Lucy is my favorite.

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