Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

The possibilities of an empty canvas are endless. As I spread my brushes, and take the paints from the box, a picture is forming in my mind.

As I approach a blank canvas the possibilities are endless.

I can feel a picture forming deep within my soul. I can see the colours blending before I even pick up a brush. I visualize the shapes, the colours, the texture of the paint.

The tubes of paint are waiting for me

I can feel an electric charge in my fingers as I squeeze the tube of paint and release the pigment. The rest of the world recedes.

The blank canvass stands ready for the possible masterpiece.

I am alone.   I hear the music of the paint,  I hear the heartbeat of the canvas. The brushes whisper “we are waiting to create with you…”

The brushes whisper to me the secret only they know...

I hear the melody the red paint sings....

The endless possibilities of the artist….

40 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

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  2. Great shots for this challenge! I love the texture of the wet paint.

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  5. Very nice interpretation of the Challenge. I think there’s a possibility you’ll get more paint on yourself than on the canvas – at least that’s how it works with me 🙂

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  8. I paint too and totally love your idea of Possibility!

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  10. I Love this stuff Nice work 🙂

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  12. Hi! I use to paint. I always felt that way about a blank canvas….all the infinite possibilities….

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  14. Hi Maggie. Is there any chance that you will also post the finished result? I am excited to see the painting.

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  16. A true artist and her beautiful images. Wonderful post that holds many possibilties. Have a great day.

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  19. these are great Maggie! I especially love the jar of brushes and their shadows on the wall.

  20. My gosh! I haven’t painted is sooo sooo long – at least on an artist’s canvas. The photos you used created the image of possibility very well.
    Cathy the bagg lady

  21. I am so jealous of artists. I love paints, the colors, the smell….I just can’t transfer what’s in my mind to canvas. A blank canvas has so many fabulous possibilities.

    • Get out your canvas and just go for it. There is no right or wrong if you paint from your heart. It is when you try to make an exact duplication where most people have trouble, but we have cameras for that.

  22. Maggie I love your post for this week – i was just at a local art show and I admire anyone who can create through this medium – my talent in that area is – well there is none. LOL 🙂

  23. I like your interpretation. Beautiful captures 🙂

  24. Great take on the prompt. Photo’s are crystal clear and colorful.
    my submission:

  25. Ronnie/Hurtled to 60

    I love your interpretation of possibility – especially the red paint on the brush would make a wonderful picture to have on a wall.

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  31. I can see it’s your passion! Paint provides numerous possibilities unique for each individual. Great idea!

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  33. I LOVE this! I really do.
    I used to paint, now it’s just too physically difficult. So I use my camera to fill that creative void. Sometimes I still miss painting. Your photos took me right back. I love it when photos do that, make me feel like I am there. Great job!

  34. I love this, Maggie!
    I feel the same way when I paint . . . surrounded by endless possibilities.

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