Milkweed rainbows

I have developed the habit of carrying my camera with me lately. I am glad I had it yesterday when I took the dog for a walk. We were in an open field and I noticed the milkweed.I remember how important it is for the Monarch Butterfly. The sun caught the delicate strands and on closer inspection, I could see the tiny rainbows reflected there. Each seed, so delicate, poised waiting for the slightest breeze to lift it and give it wings.

Delicate tiny rainbows touch the soft strands.

Each seed is ready for the slightest breeze to give it flight.

soft, delicate wings for the seed.


7 responses to “Milkweed rainbows

  1. not certain if i’ve seen milkweed…in person. as a child growing up on maui, i remember a bush which stood in our front yard that overflowed with…monarch butterfly crysallis. and just as you’ve described…the leaves, when torn, bled milk.

    monarchs…a fond memory…hugs for the reminder… 🙂

  2. Just Beautiful. The flower so light, gentle, graceful , mesmerizing. Just like you, my camera and I are just inseperable lately whenever I’m outside. You’ll never know when the perfect picture comes. Stay blessed my friend.

    • Thanks, I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I have to make sure my husband comes on my “dog walks” because, I get engrossed in photography and the dog ynks on the leash making for blurry photos.

  3. Camera’s capture the magic of life. Beautiful.

  4. So beautiful.

  5. Beautiful pictures. 🙂

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