A magical detour to the Grand Canyon

It was raining and cold in every northern state as we travelled across the continent this summer. We changed our direction and headed south. Our detour took us to the Grand Canyon.

We arrived late in the day, just in time for a walk along the rim at sunset. My eyes could not keep up with the wonders before me.

Pictures can never express the vastness of the canyon.

I immediately ran to the edge to look down. Plants and trees cling dangerously on the very edge. A squirrel takes a moment to scratch in the glow of the evening light.

He blended so well with the rocks.

The colours are glorious in the setting sun.

There are no words that could adequately describe the vast canyon, created over millenium by something as soft and giving as water and as fluid as the wind.

The tree clings desperately to the rocks.

Indian Paintbrush, on fire in the sunlight, added to nature's spectacle.

As the sun set, the grand canyon slept peacefully.

We camped at the canyon. The setting sun whispered my name. She asked me to come at dawn for the awakening. I could not refuse the invitation. I set my alarm and woke up before the sun. Quietly rising, I grabbed a granola bar and a bottle of water. There was a quiet stillness in the air. We made our way along the path in silence. I felt as if I was waiting for something magical to happen. It was getting lighter and a few more people joined us in our silent vigil.

Without a word, she rose from the rocks and the whole world glowed.

The early morning sun cast long shadows across the path.

The sun did not disappoint us. The colours made more vivid with the glow from the rising sun. The views are magnificent. We walked for hours along the rim, unable to tear ourselves away.I wanted to go down into the canyon, to walk along the trails far below but had to settle for the rim trails. Maybe next time. I know there will be a next time.

9 responses to “A magical detour to the Grand Canyon

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  2. Maggie,
    Great shots! This is 1st chance I’ve gotten to go to your photography blog. Well done!

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  5. Beautiful shots . . . spectacular vistas. Thanks, Maggie.

  6. I was awed by how beautiful the photos were!

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