Historic Champagne: cabins and trucks

Turning off the Alaska Highway, we drove, instead, the byways of the Yukon. On the old Alaska Highway, we found ourselves in the tiny settlement of Champagne. A brief history, outlined on a sign at the edge of the village, did not prepare us for exploring the townsite. There are still a few aboriginal people living in the settlement. One of them, a young man, approached us as soon as we arrived. He was eager to tell us some of the history and point out which log cabin had once been the RCMP headquarters and which one was the former jailhouse.

the jailhouse

RCMP outpost

Old trucks abandoned after building the Alaska Highway in the 40's.

Simply to old to bring back to life.

I enjoyed the wagons: worn, cracked and neglected.

cracked and dry


Outside the window, an old barrel gathers rust.

Just have to play around once in a while...

4 responses to “Historic Champagne: cabins and trucks

  1. How wonderful. I love Your photos, but the short story was to me very interesting. In my young hood I was very interested in stories from “old wild west”. Among them I have read also from Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Some books by James Oliver Curwood inspired me very much. In those books which I have read all happened in Canada. So, when seeing Your precious photo, they let my imagination to fly. Thank You.

  2. Love these photos. Places like that just invigorate me. Sad that the lives are gone, but learning the history of the place, and bringing it alive for the time, is truly special. Nice that you live in a place with things like this. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Rather desolate looking . . . with lots of historic character.

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